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I wonder in future versions if the ability could be changed to be clearer. Something like this:

• (E) Spell Focus: When casting charged or empowered spells, reduce the health cost by 1.

A charged spell costs 2 health to cast. With the Spell Focus ability, a charged spell costs 1 health to cast. That's my interpretation.

Thanks for posting this.

Hey Bayang. I read through your solo play and so far it is good. Nice use of the Game Unfolding Machine. I downloaded GUM but haven't given it a deep read. How have your experiences been using it? 

That's what Google translate is for. I look forward to reading it this week.

You can find an older version of Maze Rats in the Odditional Materials book from Drive Through RPG. You can also find the tables in the Adventuresmith app under the Maze Rats tab.

My digital copy arrived . Thank you.

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I just received my physical copy but have not received my digital key. Do you have an ETA on when the keys will be sent?

Same. No digital key yet.

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Received mine a few days ago. Thanks.

Thanks for putting this together. I am planning on passing out gaming products for free RPG day and this is exactly what I needed.

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Looks pretty good. Blends two games I really enjoy. I'd grab a POD version when available.