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sorry for the late reply lolz

like, really really late reply~! Just started college and ze first module for my engineering course lolz (literally dying right here XD)


wow, voice acting~!Man, I hope things works out~!!! lolz, I am so in love with Guntur...It might just be love at first sight (maybe 'coz he reminded me of Purba...why he mesmerized me so much is something I have yet to unravel lolz)~

lolz, the first thing that I did after reaching my house (after taking a taxi, riding a commuter and bus for 6 hours) was downloading and playing the demo and I must say, I'm intrigued~! (I was practically internally screaming lolz...) hahahahaha...


and lolz I can't believe how funny the first meeting (like first time interaction lolz) with the guys are~!

omggggg, like being insulted and saw a fugitive climbing my fence~

lolz that was awesomez~

that's definitely different~


@.@)/ me likey~


welp, I have nu idea what to say next, so I'll end it here...hahaha...

can't wait to see the final product lolz~

keep up the good work~!


downloading right now~


just got out of college ad engineering studies and you grace me with this game~

thank youuuuuu~!!!

^.^)/ I will follow you~

(sounded creepy there lolz)

hmm, Kah'lil looks a lot like Jiyeon from Dandelion~wishes brought to you~


and Guntur looks a lot like Purba~



Immas drooling~


forgive me n my insolent self~

I have a thing for guys with that kinda looks~


hi hi~


just wondering, will the voice acting be in english or Indonesian since you're Indonesian, pardon me if I'm wrong~


well, if you were planning on making it voiced, I wanted to give my opinion on that, umm, y'know, maybe make the voice acting in Indonesian but the text in english~


so, there's originality in it or something like that~


welp, I hope you can consider it~

Woah damn~

what a fine demo u gave out~ :333

Noah just captivates me with that damn mesmerizing eyes of his~!

*.*)/ Immas gonna drool~

his personality n features looks strong n dashing, just my kind of guy~


also, I love the options part~! it's so full of choices so, it makes it easier for me to choose the ones that reflects my ways of thinking n not bounded by 'my character personality' like most games have~

it's very refreshing~

just wondering when the full game will be up and good luck~

^.~)/ do ur best~

Yeay! A new vn~! :3

awww, commercial...Owh well, I'm gonna start working next year so it's fine~ X3

owhh, in this vn, will the new protagonist meet with Tamara and the bachelors in the last game? or in an entire different place?

0.o owhh, I'm asking for spoilers already! XDDD please don't mind me!

Yes, yes~ Reksa is still dayum~ X333 there's no end to my flirting, it seems! XD

too bad there's no route for Purba~ :3 but, will there be route for antagonist in the next vn? o.o)/

hmmm, a recommendation...hmm, I like them with rpg, strategy and stats raising so, Kamidori Alchemy Meister for now. Owh, there's this vn that was said to challenge the manliness of ze guys called Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For~ I haven't checked it out yet tho! Too many assignments to send this year~ XDDD I feel like I'm gonna die of insomnia~

umm, well, I guess this is all? I can't really think right at the moment. hahaha...three more assignments to go until I'm set for this semester~ XDDD so,...sorry for rambling~! ;.;)/

well, I'll be seeing you again! Always support you, sweetheart~ <3

umm...also, I hope there'll be a route for Purba? :3 I wanted to seduce him and see his reactions! O.o)/

>///> I'd been told by a lot of people that I'm naughty and sadistic~ Hahaha...

You know, I really love this game. Played the older version n this version. You don't know how many times I played the game on and on and on. I kept rambling and praising your fantastic works to my siblings but, they just ignored me, saying I kept on repeating the same thing over and over...Hahahaha... >///>

can't blame them tho, I sounded like a broken record... @////@ and I created this account just to comment...I think a lot of people did this too! ^.^)/

will you be making another game? or the continuation of this game? 0.0)/ I'm so looking forward to it! ...hopefully free? 'coz I'm always broke these days...sorry! I'm only rich with ideas. If you're planning on making another game, n in need of ideas, I'd be happy to help! Hahaha... ^w^)/ Anyway, to answer the questions~

Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

REKSA! then Mitra and finally Rama~ :3 why? well, let's just say he's attitude tied us together... >///>

What makes you consider to play this game?

Actually, I love playing visual novels. Especially one with otome as a genre~ Tho, I'm not really picky since I also played vns that targeted males. :p

Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

The story and characters! I really like this game because I can somehow relate? The fantasy theme is not too far-stretched and I always love bad ends. The arts too~ Nice arts but, if you do a lil more touch up, it'll be much better. :3 But, I'm never picky with arts in the first place. Tehee~ Seriously, a lot of commercial vns have beautiful arts but with stories that's a little...yeaaa~. But yours, wow...awesomez! And the protagonist is not dumb and hopeless like in most vns! That's a major relief! My goodness! My mind is saved! ^.^)/ Like I said, the story's good. Arghhh...why is it when I wrote comments, I never managed to tell what I feel clearly?! T^T Am I shy? O.o w-well..., let's forget about me n on with my comment! :3

umm, I'll try to buy your games, when I have money~ :3 Hopefully... ;.; I'll manage! :3 I think this is all... well, umm, do your best and keep up the good work! ^.^)/