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Lumayan, tapi masih bisa diperbaiki lagi. Ada beberapa attack yg tidak bisa dihindari, seperti saat boss 1 melempar pisau bersamaan, tiba tiba game akan lag sejenak sehingga player tidak ada waktu menghindar. Kadang juga player masih terkena hit walaupun karakter sudah menghindar, mungkin hitbox bisa dikecilkan. Musik, story, dan ilustrasi sudah bagus, tinggal UI dan mekanik game yang perlu dipoles lagi. Best of luck~

Promising games, still too little things to do in the game, but hey its an alpha. I still dont get how to mine stones tho since you need pickaxe which need stone to make...

Nooooo, what happened to the little robot? Dang the cliff hanger

Keren bangett cuyy. Dikembangin lagi bagus ini

Such a shame that it doesn't finish yet :( but I like the smoothness of the game. Some tips, its kinda hard to tell which platform I can jump on and which I can't, maybe make it a little more bright/obvious.

Cute n adorable! Good control and great head bob. I hope the dino can bark when I use dog head tho haha.

I thought the control gonna be normal platform controller ( E to interact, ESC to escape view). Anyway I hope you change the control on the keyboard to make it easier to control cheers

I dont know the control because I don't use a controller so I check the setting and open the first chest using q. Im stuck now and don't know how to exit the view :(

Woah, the graphic, animation, and transition is awesome! I thought at first it was a lvl tutorial scene but no it was the actual game. Never seen anything like it before, good job!

Woah this is pretty fun. I love every single level is unique from one another. Just a tips, it is too fast paced. But for a game make in 2 days, I love it