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Yeah you have a point, putting the post processing aside, what do you think of the other aspects (Gameplay, mechanics...)  ? 

Yeah I thought it won't bother if it's applied only to the edges , thanks for your feedback buddy!

Thanks a bunch mate!

Ow mate I'm really happy that someone listened to the podcast and paid attention to the references that I implemented! Thanks a lot man!

Thanks mate ! Glad you liked it :D

LEL xD thanks Fernando

Yeah the concept is a little bit hard at first, but you get used to it really fast. Thanks a lot mate!

Thanks for the positive feedback mate! 

Thanks a lot man! 

Thanks mate!

Hey mate, thanks a lot for the video! unfortunately you didn't  have the experience that I was expecting players to have playing my game, and I'm the one to blame for that. I changed few things and I did an update, and there was a panel on top that says " Press I for instructions", but apparently I removed it without paying attention in the new update,  I'm really surprised that you find all the controls by yourself, but I'm sure it was annoying though, so I apologize for that.  Plus there's 3 levels in the game, you only completed the first one so yeah you missed few things. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate it :)

Thanks a lot mate ! i really appreciate it. I really wanted to do more because there's a lot to add to the concept of iteration but like use said, time constraint pushed me to a corner , because I have a day job and  I only worked on the game during night, so I had to do something minimal but functional.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback mate! I'll fix that resolution problem and I'll upload an update tonight.

Sure thing,  I'll build a Mac version and I'll upload it tonight.

Thanks a lot for the feedback man :) Appreciate it .

Thanks a lot mate !! Glad you enjoyed it :D

The ending supposed to leave you questioning whether you're real or you're in an other iteration and being played by another person, but thanks a lot mate :D

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Make sure you switch on the light bulb, if you look enough you'll find something to clean there.

Thanks a bunch! 

ps : when you're on chair/bed you have to look at something to actually clean it.