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Arsenik looks like he's from Howl's Moving Castle, is Howl an inspiration for Arsenik's character?

I'm kinda confused on what to do. There aren't many choices and I can't tell if I actually have to wait whole days to progress or what? And I just keep asking the same questions over and over. I'm not touching the phone, either, I'm just trying to focus on the "relationship" that I can't really have with her bc I'm a girl anyway lol... I still can't progress though.

AHHH I SEE!! much better than last time.

wow a lot changed but i'm already stuck on the fist key ahaaaaa

i like this a lot

there could be more... wasn't all that great so far.

this is the most brilliant games i've ever played. SEQUEL LPEASE A SEQUEL I CANTT TAKE IRTTT