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I don't see the "claim Steam key" section, will it not show up until the official Steam release?

Thanks for the replies, to everyone. I don't mind bad ends existing (in fact I prefer otomes with multiple endings where choices matter, and I never use walkthroughs personally because I like to see what happens with my own choices) but I must say it's pretty frustrating to not be able to get past the prologue and I'm not sure I like that. Perhaps I was a bit harsh earlier and I'm sorry for that. In my defense I was really getting upset after like an hour of trying to land on literally any route since even with skipping on it can still take some time to try so many different combos of answers. However after a lot of trial and even more error I finally managed to get onto Romeo's and Richard's routes, the only two I'm planning on playing, at least for now. They're very cute and well-written and the art is gorgeous and I've enjoyed what I've played of each immensely, though unfortunately it seems they both have game-breaking bugs so I can't proceed further yet.  I can't wait until they're fixed though and I can finish. Great job, guys. <3

Not to be That Person, but it's really frustrating and annoying to keep getting the bad end after the prologue no matter what combination of answers I choose. I mean, I paid for this game well over a year ago (has it been two years? it's felt like it) and now that it's out I can't even play it properly. Honestly, it's kind of lame if there's only one specific set of answers to get on each route which seems like it must be the case. I paid for an otome game, not a puzzle game. I'd really like to add something positive here but given that  can't actually play the game there's really nothing to say.