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amazing! can't wait for when the other rooms are released, it was a really fun game and hope it continues to be developed!

Lovely game to play but the plot is unclear. I'm not sure if it was a bad play through on my part but I didn't end up using all of the items I found and there is little to no story line even though it hints at one. I wish there was more explanation to the plot but otherwise a decent game! Great puzzles.

For anyone who wanted to use wine to play this on a Mac, unfortunately it doesn't work and I get a notification saying theres a deficiency in wine. It's a shame it looks like a great game, let us know if a mac version gets released :D 

I loved this game! It was funny and nostalgic with the sound effects and the things that happen made me laugh. Great job!!! I'm excited for the possibility of a sequel!

Was a lovely little game with lots of great puzzles however I wish there was more information on the story/plot behind it! Overall it was great fun to play!

It worked! Thank you for the advice <3

Hey, I downloaded the mac version and it doesn't seem that I'm able to save on the wall phone? Whenever I try it just makes an 'error' sound and nothing changes

I love the game and the choices that you can make! I can't wait for whatever project the makers are working on <3