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The game creator said it's on hiatus until Lust Doll Plus is complete


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Okay, I figured it out, it's a bug, if you go into Carol's room in the morning on day 4, you cause the game to reset the outside and block off the residential area, I had to restart the game from the beginning, since I didn't have an earlier save

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You mean the scene where they tie her to the toilet?  I already passed that scene (I think that was the previous day)

(Maybe it's a bug?)

A few points in the Demo the game seems to freeze and the scene doesn't load, like one time I took the clown girl to the beach and it didn't load the scene properly

Played through the demo, seems like a pretty good game (Demo had some bugs though), price is a bit higher than I like paying for games, but otherwise I'd give it a thumbs up.

So I'm on the babysitter day, and I think I'm stuck

I'm past the point were Ada is in the box and Jill is kidnapped, and Claire meets the girl in the alley (after getting the location from the mean woman), but I'm not sure where to go next.

Carol and Paige are in their rooms and there doesn't seem to be any events to trigger in the store, or the apartments or the outside area.

They didn't steal, read the start page:

"This game contains art which belongs to Akabur and is used with his permission"

In addition:

"I do not claim any copyright over or ownership of any images used in the game. "

One thing you could explore in the Vampire route is what caused the collapse of Noctorna, probably something Samantha or the King did by wresting control from Amber, and no Mila present to help Amber.  And you could explore if that contributed to the decline of Mor Town.

Also you could explore what happened to the members of Noctorna, did they get turned into monsters (Vampires, Lycans, etc)?  Were they killed by humans?  or did they live out their lives and die of old age?

Another thing is what happened to that Vampire (Half-vampire maybe?) who was stealing the Orbs and who stole the cross?

Hmmmm, true, unless they're part elf or something

Will they be in the main storyline, or only in the vampire route? 

I hope the main one as well, because the vampire storyline is less interesting IMO (I know others may disagree, but I prefer the hunter storyline).

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I'm enjoying the game so far, I would like to see the lesbian interactions in the first few chapters expanded a bit (maybe an expanded scene with the girl in the locker room and with the pizza delivery girl, and maybe a photoshoot scene where she does some softcore interactions with another girl), but otherwise it's pretty good.

What software is needed to run this file extension?

You should make a version involving masks and social distancing (much harder to find romance in the age of covid)


So I tried to do the cassie storyline, but I'm stuck

She let me into her safehouse, but doesn't trust me enough yet to use it as a dungeon, and I tried to anger the Don into taking her, but it didn't do anything, so not sure what to do to continue her storyline

Ah, too bad, maybe something you can add in later

Sounds great, I especially love the idea of weather affecting your fights (I imagine fights in the rain may be harder)

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2 or 3

I prefer more scenes to animation, but some animation would be good also

Any Iris/Bianca H-scenes? (Maybe Iris saving Bianca from a vampire and Bianca thanking her rescuer? ;) )

Also one benefit of adding this interaction is maybe having a scene later in the game where Mila mentions Iris to Bianca, and then Bianca is able to relate how she knew Iris, maybe even be able to deliver a message or something to Mila that Iris wanted her to know/have, since the two of them were so close.

ok, thanks

With the submission stat for Yorna, will there be any extra H content with the bosses and common monsters featuring scenes that take advantage of a high stat there?

Ah, okay, thanks

Where do we find the missing orb for the puzzle in the Mountain pass (the one where it says only kin may pass)?

I had a feeling people would strongly prefer to see a new type of vampire

ah, thanks

Is the adult version going to be different than the public version?  Will it have extra scenes?

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Very good game, but it would be nice if sex toys were included

for example letting the characters use strapons when futa is turned off, or having characters able to carry vibrators and massagers 

Good game, but you need to update the placeholders with content

Pretty fun, I look forward to the full version


Is Dorian beatable in the 3.0 version or is he still just a way to get to the vampire route?


Cool, thanks.

Also, will the release in August be the final release, or will the game be expanded on further beyond that?

Thanks, that would be great

Are the Stephanie and Ada stories new?  I didn't see them as part of the prior public release (although maybe I missed them).

Glad to see you now have more time to work on the game :D

Thanks :)


Ah, so it's not done, okay, good to know, I was trying to figure out what to do next