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I liked pretty much all of them, although I felt the "Tournament of Blood" and "Building a Better Vampire Hunter" were the weakest (with the latter being my least favorite).  They aren't bad ideas, just not anywhere as good as the other ones IMO.

I actually wish you would choose 6 new contracts ;)

Thing is, it's actually funny, because she isn't actually spouting communism, she's got some mishmash of a cartoon version of communism, mixed with fascism, anti-statism, and conspiracy theories.  It's actually amazing that she's capable of avoiding the cognitive dissonance of that many contradictory beliefs.

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Well it's not like the girl in the game actually understands what communism is, LOL (Collective or public ownership of the means of production and the end of class structure and the state).

The purple haired girl is also cute

He occasionally lets people submit ideas for sidequests

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Great pic, your artwork is getting even better

Good bones, but not a lot of meat to the game yet

So does Ashe


Any way to make double cums a little easier, I've gotten it like one time, and the rest of the time it's like a tiny sliver off on one of the two girls

even then it's super hard to get

Also a glitch I've noticed, sometimes the PC will have an orgasm, and then remain on the ground, even though she still has plenty of will left, and no game over message will appear.  Everything else will continue as normal, but the PC will remain on the ground on her back.

Could we get a list of the different enemies on each floor (from what I've noticed, there are 3 normal type enemies, and one roaming type enemy for each floor), how strong each one is, and how many lives they have and the sex moves they use?


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If he answered those, they would spoil the rest of the game, so he can't, that's why he answered that you'll need to play to find out, since he doesn't want to spoil the game.

But I'm fairly certain that Ashe is Mila's mother, and that Ashe is like Half Vampire/Half Human (the cloaked woman is Ashe's human half I think, and the personality shifts a bit between forms)

Well early on, the only issue is the vampirism bite, most of the early enemies aren't too tough if you can avoid getting bitten.  The solution to making it more frustrating is to have holy water be more accessible early on, not too accessible, as you still want a challenge, but accessible enough that it's not insane difficulty, maybe Mila is given extra holy water early on, or there are more chests with holy water available in the early areas.

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Early on I found the need to carry more than 3-5 holy waters at a time to be unnecessary, and later on I keep about 20 on me, and haven't found there to be a need for more than that, even late in the game

A very sexy upgrade for Ashe

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Has the unacceptable situation where Claire did not get kidnapped while working at the convenience store been rectified?  All those female customers stripping her and blindfolding and gagging her, and then just leaving her, such a thing is a crime.  I hope you have fixed that glaring oversight, and instead ensured that Claire gets dragged off and is sexually tormented by those various girls/women.  ;)

That's good, hopefully in the final there are no caps


Only 35?  That's not right

The limit should be at least 50  (although personally I feel there should be no limit, let players make her as highly ranked as they can), personally I want to be able to take out the bosses with one hit.

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They're adults, they can deal with an eroge game

When you leave Nocturna and go to the map, it's in the mountains to the right of Nocturna.

First you'll come into the field outside of the mountain which is infested with Ghouls (you want to fight them so you can get vampire dusts), then north of that first area, you'll find a path up the mountain, and at the top is the library

LOL, good enough reason

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I found a bug

When I went to level up from HR 35 to 36 (at Nocturna), my max HP and SP declined.

I was at 3825 HP and 1525 SP (I was planning to shred Dorian once I hit 5K HP and 2.5K SP) but trying to level up to 36 HR knocks my HP to 2385 and SP to 1038.

Fortunately I saved before I went to level up, so I was able to reload the save, but now I have all this material to level up with that I can't use.

I'm going to see if the same bug exists when I try and level up with Maahlda at the Castle.

Edit: Yup, same issue both places

You should look for a job in game design, just show them this game, you'll be hired in no time

Thanks, that worked.

Also, one thing I noticed, when you defeat Clara, if she managed to infect you with Vampirism before she dies, you can't heal the vampirism by jumping into the Holy Water pool, why is that?

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I noticed that the new version starts in windowed mode, and there doesn't seem to be an option to go to full screen, is there a way to start game in fullscreen?

LOL, yup

Was the new release on the eve of E3 intentional or just serendipity?

So I used the blue syringe on the tentacle monster, and now it's just some goo, so what then?

It says I can't kill it without a weapon (says you can't wrestle it when you use one of the non weapons), but the gun does nothing to it 

Also, the hospital expedition text is now green as opposed to black, so does that mean I can't go any further?


She looks like Dorian's wife (who I'm thinking is also Mila's mother and possibly Ashe, although that's just my guess right now)

The good news is when you replay, you can do it faster, and you can really build up her stats, I think in a recent play through, I had her at like a level 36 hunter.

The victory over Dorian should result in Mila getting to claim his three girls as her own harem ;9

Maybe it was just my imagination, but it looked like there was a slight downgrade in the quality of the 3D character models

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I haven't yet tried the game, but judging by the screenshots, I will say that the 3D character models look slightly strange.  I'm not an artist, so I can only say that looking at the screenshots they don't look quite right to me.


Further Mila/Bianca sex scenes would be awesome, I think they would make a perfect couple

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Gonna try this new version, previously had played the 0.5 Version, was good, but had a lot of bugs (like for example your character would sometimes fall on ground and remain there, even when you still had willpower left and it was not a game over)

Edit:  Okay just played through a few rounds, a few things, first is that even on easier difficulty there are a lot of enemies, which isn't too bad on it's own, but the issue is that the large volume makes it hard to pass through the doors, as they block them off by having 3 or 4 right in the door jam, so even the easier difficulty levels are pretty hard due to just the number of enemies making it difficult to maneuver and escape.

Also there is a bug where sometimes the enemies are unable to grab you, so they keep trying, but they are unable to.

Yay, looking forward to it

I've liked the game, I've been working on getting her maxed out as a lesbian and she's built up a nice little yuri harem