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nice. I bought it, but can you add more slots for custom colorways, cause I made one, and I opened the menu, and it reset it, or something reset it. Please fix this.

Here, you can ask questions about the future of the game, and really the whole franshise. There will be a third game, and it will be made in Unity 6, which is cool, I guess.

I am leaking one of the Comics (There like cutscenes but different)

Hey, u don't have to, but I really need an animator, u could be one?

Ok, I noticed screen shots on the steam page, I am getting impatient. I really want to make mods with that modding tool. I want reasons.


Thanks, I am planning on a 3 game trilogy. The 3rd one will take place during the events of Circely in the timeline.

You should check out the Teaser Trailer for Circely the Circle, the Sequel.

I know this sounds crazy, but I already have 6, 7, and possibly 8 Planned!!!

6 will release Summer 2024, 7 maybe Close to the 1 year anniversary of 3, and 8 being late 2024-early 2025. The series will last a long time!!!

Ok, its been 4 months. And now there is a STEAM DLC for it? And it Base Game is not even out! And the description is acting like its been out!!!

Whats going on? For real!!!

Ok, its been 2 MONTHS since NOV 30, how are you still sick?

Ok, hope u feel better!

its PAST Nov 30, whats up?

New Link: The Abandoned Wax Museum by AxolotlGuy (

Spoiler ALERT:

Charles is in The Abandoned Wax Museum Chapter 2!!!

Charles, may or may not, be in The Abandoned Wax Museum, SOON

Sorry, but its obvi that I will look in the files. I might make a mod based on The Abandoned Wax Museum, or/and Choose What Happens next, both of my creations


I am a construct 3 user, I am trying Godot. How do you use it? It is SOOO complex.

I played 1.9 the SECOND it released!!!

Whats up with this?

I can't Believe I made CWHN 2 within 1-2 days!!!

The only reason the other games took forever was because I had trouble brainstorming, mind's empty!!!

Should I update CWHN 2 and 3 with the lightning effects? Idk

I might make a mod based on Choose what happens next.

Its almost finished!

I will have to update a scene in CWHN 2, and 3, after this, to match the effects.

I gave you a free copy, so, happy modding!!! (If you decide to mod, of course)

StzR's anniversary is up next (January 28, 2024)

It will be the longest period of time without a new game coming out (It kinda already has, its been almost 10 months, back before StzR, there was like 1 month between each game)

Fun fact: There are more zombie types in the full version, and they have their own unique death screens, here are some screenshots:

Yellow Zombie runningSettingsPart of Yellow Zombie death Screen

Each zombie has a parasite form, even the green ones! (Its unused)
Red Zombie Runing
They are UGLY
Red zombie death screen
This will be part of the charles StzR mod!!!

I made a mod for charles based on Cubey: Charles Cubey Mod by AxolotlGuy (

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Its a Shoot the Zombies Remastered mod...

Its a zombie, not a pickle, at least play the game (Demo if ur broke) to understand.

Its not a pickle...

You must upload a DEBUG

Preview for my upcoming mod:

Cubey Cube Orgami