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Conspiracies? Anomalies? Eldritch horror? And the greatest, oldest evil of all - Bureaucracy?! Yes, please, inject this straight into my bloodstream. (BTW, I see you, Bill Cipher, you're not getting me this time.)

Will do - I see the files are printed on a thicker cardstock, and I believe that with time&folding those lines are disappearing
I'll try it out, thank you!

Amazing, instant buy. Question - do the blue "fold" lines disappear when printed? If not, is it possible to get a version, where the fold lines are not that prominent? It somewhat takes away from the excellent graphics...

That's really smart, a very interesting take

This looks VERY good



Looks interesting and helpful.

this looks fun, I'll try it out

Hello, all of this art looks so flavorful, so good, and I immediately come up with plothooks and personalities as soon as I take a closer look!

I'll be frank - I'll probably use the art in handouts, and maybe in a booklet, but I'll be sure to add the attribution.

This is a really good take on the tic-tac-toe mechanic - I like how you've made the choice of placing an X or O actually matter.

I literally can't wait until this comes out.

This looks really engaging.

I *love* this. The layout is very good on the eye, pulls me in immediately.

This is a really interesting example of using the dice not only in their rolling aspect. I like how it informs the gameplay.

Give me a liminal house any day of the week

This is AWESOME, I needed a game that utilizes the four humours, this is really evocative!

This looks very evocative!

This looks SO GOOD...

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Hello, I really like that you included flowcharts - I think they are a much needed addition to solo games!

Thank you!

I agree. This is just a concept put to paper after a friend challenged me to make a short game in a few hours. Once I get more experience in writing, I will probably revisit the idea.

This is fantastic, I've been making random generators in, and will definitely try to make something out of these assets (with credit, of course).