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I think is made for 2D top downs so why jump?

(if you want to jump you can use some run frames)

This art looks so nice that you should protect it better ,right now the gifs only have size alteration and some letters which means I could steal them in 3 days rather than paying but actually even if you made it better it would take me 1 month to just look and copy is it still posible but only crazy people just like me would dare to do it.

(I won't steal anything for now) (it would be great fun to see coments like swiper not swiping XD)

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So kind of you to say something in all the posts are made thanks :D

btw I think it is incredible how complete is this character editor I can even make recreations of characters from anime or something else

Sakurama from ranger reject

(you dont need to answer this)

Anything new??? (last time I tried my best to unlock something but I couldnt)

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Do you need a programer? I think making an editor its not a big deal bigger proyects may need of course someone who knows but from my point of view its totally posible to learn how to do simple games here is a usefull godot tutorial  if you are interested on learning in my opinion its the best tutorial if you are learning from scratch 

I was wondering the same

looks nice sadly I have a dsi  not a ds ;(

looks good

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I got Rimuru after afk with 2 acc at the same time that is like 100 tries is kinda imposibru

Now is a real thing :) is it in fact in the game

I now played with a warrior acc and this is my point of view.

It can be a good game if lots of people get to discover it ,I love how every enemy has its own way to hit you and that's not all there are diferent biomes too so you can find more diferent enemies in diferent places which changes the game loop in a great way BUT.

At the start hard to understand you are sent in a place with a chest and lots of things in order to fix this I think that spawning players at a tutorial zone to show what the game is about would be a good way to fix it also its said that using no text to guide the player is a genius idea to make your gameplay more dinamic however I think its better than leaving the player with no guide on how to play like a thing that moves the camera with some text under it to say what is what. 

Im not an expert my level at understanding English is a B1 and I dont have a lot of experience writting fedback so you maybe should ask for more people's opinion about this before trying this if is it a huge effort to do what I said.

Its good now and I see room for improvement I hope this feedback has helped you.

I wish you good luck. :D

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Well I tried its kinda hard to log in and wth is the thing in the right also the fact I had to trust in you to open the app is another setback the only thing I can say is about the game is that the main menu looks right is perfect
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probably there isnt any license but he said feel free to use it in any of your proyects in the description

oh wow I played guardian tales and it looks really similar nice work :3

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Yeah this is top secret XD but with the power of editing it is posible to transform a man into a women

Thank you my questions have been answered

I'm a beginer gamedeveloper and I wonder how do you make the sound effects you use your own voice, maybe you pay someone, maybe dark magic? Idk  so I'm here  asking

nice songs :)

a very cool BG thanks


new update i will see it :)

He is pointing the character to the mouse pointer and changing between the run and idle animation maybe what you dont have right is the BG (I dont hope you read this but I said it)

I would help but I can't spend money srry


LUL is expensive but cool too       :O 

I can't buy it however I can give 5 stars

AI?  =O

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CUTE 6 stars

by itself the assets are cute but useless however they are a amazing reference to draw sprites :D.

How have you done this?

Ducks looked better but is surely more than I can do. 

I will probably come soon to install it :)

The characters are amazing :O THANKS

a nice tile grid :)

they look great :D

I will do it :D

Seriusly these ducks are extremly cool good job

seems good I will use it :)

thanks :)

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ok I finaly tried it and looks awesome but it needs music and I also miss speed or maybe the map is too empty but it feels slow and another thing you can try to improve is that when the Goobi changes his direction he spins instantly something to smooth it would be a really good and small improve