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I think that you should really add the destruction back. I like it.

Try using google translate

Hey when I try ti open the game, I get this message from java: "RENDERING PIPELINE FAILED TO INITIALIZE". not quite sure what to do. I have a mac btw.

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There is a problem, Helix Creations is not in application support; therefore I can't get the output_log.text. By the way I'm using ReTech 1.0.1 (macOS 64bit).

RIP... I'll just try again next version

ReTech community · Created a new topic Crashing

Whenever I open the game, on mac OS, it crashes my entire computer. It freezes up and I have to restart it. AND NO IT IS NOT THE COMPUTER. I am able to play lots of other games.

The mac version works now!


Maybe add some more cars or possibly a city or something...

Hey, anyone know if this game is going to be updated?

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Hey, the mac version for this update is also not working, I open up the folder and I see a bunch of things: (the bold means that they are folders)

  • Assembly-CSharp-Editor-firstpass.csproj
  • Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.csproj
  • Assembly-UnityScript.unityproj
  • Assets
  • FPSGAME.1.Editor.Plugins.csproj
  • FPSGAME.1.Plugins.csproj
  • FPSGAME.1.sln
  • FPSGAME.1.userprefs
  • Library
  • MarineWarfare.futureupdate_Data
  • MarineWarfare.futureupdate.exe
  • obj
  • ProjectSettings
  • Temp

 When I try to open the MarineWarfare.futureupdate.exe doesn't open up and says: 

You can’t open the application “MarineWarfare.futureupdate.exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS.


It doesn't work on mac

Sounds fun!

When do you think that you will re-add planes?