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Axel The Fluff

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I play a lot of VN's and I absolutely love to see a new title with great potential, keep up the great work!

god I love cliff, I'd love  to sit down and have a 20 hour long discussion with him

yess!! i'm so excited to see more of Bjørn's route!!

Looking forward to the next Hoss update!

I am one of the Pre-Reg's! The demo was great and I really hope this get funded!

I've been checking your Patreon every couple weeks since the last update to check in despite not being able to donate, I really enjoyed playing whats already here and I'll be willing to wait because your life should come before this VN, keep workin hard and I hope to see a new update when you're ready. 

Neferu was always my favorite, I'm so happy we'll be able to spend more time with him! I'm actually just as interested in Khemia as Skip and I can wait to learn more, spend your time making this perfect, don't rush yourself and make this as best you can. I'll be ready for more whenever you are. 

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the first character I meet has the same name as me and I have no clue what to name myself now


God I felt like a kid again seeing this update and getting really giddy to check it out, your content is just so good, it always puts me in a good mood to see you still working and even getting a bit giddy to share all of it on Twitter, thank you for all your hard work and keep goin. 

I love taking surveys, creators actually caring about their audience's opinions and using it to better themselves and other creators just makes me so happy. 

Just finished the demo, the amount of art and animation is amazing and getting to know about the character's  background and stories imminently was quite nice, even with the lack of content, I enjoyed every second of it, and I think I will for every new update. 

This is gonna be fun.

Already ordered one.

Read his Patreon posts, he explains more there. 

My first run was with Hoss and I'm so glad I can finally do more of his!

Oh. My. God. You're a literal life savior, as soon as I read this and went back I finally found the code after searching for an hour, it fits so well but is hidden just as well. 

This. This right here was a life-savor.