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Sure will do IF i ever make it a full game. Made this game for a friend in a couple of month. Dont see it as a ”bug”, see it as an feature. 😊 you will learn how to make the jumps.

But I hear you and agree.


// Axbakk 

this looks cool :)

Will test this for sure. Anyway to get an pal atr file? So i can use my SDrive Max with my A800?

Cheers// Axbakk


in witch folder do I put the gamefiles? 😂

And in s just a start file and in libs the files from Amiga os?

thanks. Will test it tonight. Get back to you with results 😊

cheers // Axbakk Games

okok i understand. But say that I have a license how do i make a Boot disk to make it run on a no hdd A500? Do I make it in winuae?

Cheers // Axbakk Games

Possible to run on a A500 (1mb chipram)? ADF-files? I really hope its doable somehow.

Cheers // Axbakk Games

thanks! 👌🏻

Thanks for your response and the nice words. 😊 Yeah it is hard to know when a games difficulty is ok. But i had in mind that both adults and kids are able to play without turning it off because its to hard. And about the label, everyone likes different, i think its really nice but i respect your oppinion. 

Cheers // Axbakk ✌🏻

just tested this game and just love it. I want it on a cart to play on my original system. Anyway to make it to mapper30 so i can make a cart of it using my ”NESmaker” pcbs? Is it possible to convert?

Great game!!! 

Ok. Thanks.

Its not an install file. Its a NES-game with an .nes file that you need a emulator to play on computer. A program like Mesen will work.

Or if you want.. on a RetroPie or an Everdrive on the NES system.

// Axbakk


sure i do. Make them when i get an order. Here or on my instagram @axbakk_games


Thanks for those worming words. :) i like the idea of something simple still can be a fun game. 
will make more of them for the 2600 in the future. I promise.

Stay safe you too in this crazy world right now.


thanks man. 😊 no im not talking myself down, im really glad i made it.. but for what it is and not that its a great game, but i have made it and it works on a real machine. 😃 Tresh.. is that a game? Will check that out.

Hopefully more (and better 😂) atari games will be made in the future. 

Thanks man. 😊 

No manual. But will deliver the game with a paper (or digital file for romdownload) including the plot, info etc 


// Axbakk Games

Cool man. Wifi netplay :O 

thats awesome

sweet thanks.

Yeah i saw something about updates on the game. 😊 but the updated version of the rom is still like the cart you sold, i mean a fully working game? 😊 updates were just for netplay?

and it was a mapper30 game, right? 😊 nesmaker? Or coded from scratch?



Bought the rom and wonder if there is a label i can get hold of?

Cheers :)