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Anna Winterstein

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Haha, finding tasteful smut in all circumstances, I see ;)

I love these! Thank you so much for sharing 💜

I love it!! Truly a beautiful one.

This was so lovely and wholesome and touching... What a wonderful game. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!

Thank you so much, Ivan! That's such a lovely thing to say <3 I'm delighted you played through it and enjoyed it!

Thank you so much <3 It means a LOT to read this, especially coming from you!

This is such an honest and emotional game, Cait! It really moved me. I teared up at the end - it feels very like you, in all the unique and quirky and beautiful ways.

Thank you so much, that's such lovely feedback <3 I'll definitely try to keep making short games like that, it's a fantastic experience as a maker!

This is lovely input and I'm very glad and grateful for it <3 Thank you!

Hehe, thank you very much for noticing that :D ! I'm still working on the procedural coursework, but I did take a page out of that book.

I'm so sorry about the UI bug :s Could you please send me a screenshot so I can look int that? Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for playing, and for your kind words!

Indeed, you have identified the poem! It's a famous one - I hoped I'd be able to play on that familiarity.

Also thank you very much for bringing the Firefox issue to my attention. I'll look into it!

Such a great demo! I've loved Robin Hood since I was a child, not only because of Robin, but because of all the great characters. Marion is so badass, I wanted to be her. In this, she's badass indeed, and even if the guys are all amazing, I can believe how they would all fall for her (and she for them). Can't wait to find out what comes next!