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Will you make your games for mac?


Why no mac support?

Will super tubby cat be for Mac?

Good luck!

So I guess I have to start over every time?

I wonder if it’s a problem when Mario’s jumping sounds aren’t triggering?

Maybe Nimso renamed the files?

My n64 won’t save the files, or load them. That might be a problem.

I got it to work on my Mac!

AMAZING, It even works on the actual n64.

(With a few problems and improvements)

I actually did! I just shrunk the scaling, that way the bricks were about the same size, but just a bit lower resolution! My n64 is a bit worn down, however it ran the same as it always does on Mario 64 ( Just a few frame rate drops (especially when the castle is loaded in) ) The inside of the castle isn’t working however, The textures are acting strange. 

But the textures would have to be changed

I wonder if it would be possible on the actual n64


I watch every video you release! My favorite game is Super Tubby Cat. I was wondering if the game (super tubby cat) would be on mac? Cant wait!

I really like this game! I wish I could play it... Is there a way to get to the actual n64?

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I have a mac, What emulator do you suggest?

In your video, I heard you say that you were going to change mario's model? I suggest using mario from the 3ds mario 64.