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This was such a nice, sweet game!! I really loved seeing our gardener boy just learn and make friends... Thank you for creating this, it's so cute and calming!!

This was so cute and beautiful and I love the little "afterwards..." snippets you get for each ending in the gallery!! How much work and care you put into each game really shines through. Thanks npckc!!!

This was such an excellent game! The mechanics and design made it hard but not unfair, and the sprites were so incredibly expressive!! I loved the movement and energy so much.

Anything by these creators is excellent, but I really really loved this game specifically. The worldbuilding, the characters and their interactions, the mood, the art, everything was so so interesting! 

11 teddy bears out of 10, would sail again

Heck yeah bi characters

So much of this game resonated with me and the ending lines were probably some of the most uplifting things I've ever read.

I love these characters everything about this game so so much. This representation <3

I was expecting PB to ask for Panda Girlfriend to visit, but tofurkey works too, I guess!

Super cute game!

Really well designed levels! 

However, it was really frustrating when I would screw up jumps and things (forcing me to keep retrying puzzles I knew what I had to do to solve) when my muscle memory kept trying to use the up arrow instead of X to jump. This is an easy fix: change 'jump' to up arrow and 'switch item' to X. Alternatively, offer a way to input controls (if that's possible with PICO, I'm not sure). 

It's a testament to the great puzzle design that I didn't give up immediately when I ran into these issues, though. Overall, really great game, and I'd love to see more!

I spend 3 hours getting every ending and it was a 3 hours well spent! The ends are all so nice???? This is such an adorable, feel-good game I love it

This is adorable!! I love Kagami's smile so much. Can't wait for more routes!

I loved this game! I love the art and characters so much, especially Zheng. The plot twists and secrets were interesting but also made sense. The story was amazing, and it balanced serious and funny moments really well. It feels like far more than one month was spent on it.

I was also wondering whether a member of Stardust Soda was Chinese, because the mentions of food in particular were spot on! If not, then good job with the research!

One thing bothers me a little bit: while most of the information is consistent throughout all routes, I was confused when Zheng says the power from the jewel is familiar because it's theirs in one route, when in another they say that someone else's power was put in the jewel. Is this bit of background information supposed to be different between routes? That doesn't make much sense, considering the jewel was made before the start of the game. Clarification?

I've been a huge fan of Ib ever since I saw a playthrough of it (so probably like 3-4 years at this point) and was super curious to see how this would compare to it, since it's obviously stylistically inspired by it. I loved Solm! You could see the inspiration from Ib in the art and atmosphere, puzzles, and even some of the events, but its storyline was fresh and novel. It definitely wasn't a cookie cutter genderbent version of Ib like I was dreading.

It's definitely shorter and the puzzles may be a bit harder, but if you like Ib, I don't think you'll regret playing this.

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This game is dark. The atmosphere was really interesting, like a melancholy fairy tale? Not sure how to describe it, but I enjoyed it but was simultaneously saddened.

Also how do you get the normal ending I only got the true end. Not sure if I actually want to get the normal end, but I'm curious

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I use winebottler for rpgmaker games because I play on a mac!

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Ah! Thanks! Found the cameo by a cute candy witch and her familiar! Although it would have been funny to see Moxie drooling over everything in Atelier Sweets...

Your games are adorable! Your characters are so cute and well developed aaaaaaaa

Are we gonna see syrup and the rest of the gang in future treat games? I'm looking forward to them either way!

Oh, and where are we supposed to input the secret code?