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You're welcome, glad to be able to help, even if a little.

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Played the demo and I like what I see so far. I did end up making a bit of a list of stuff I thought was missing, though I imagine a lot of it may just be for polishing the game when everything is done. Can't wait to see more of it. (sorry if it's a mess, I was just writing stuff down as they popped into mind.)


Kind of thought that I would be moving the character in the menu to which option.

Being able to equip an already equipped item into another slot (possibly with a confirmation)

Some similar looking fences I can jump over, some I can't.

Falling into a pit, would like to be closer to where I fell rather than way back (notably the area where you first run into jump springs or whatever.)

Wasn't really aware you could jump higher on jump springs initially by jumping as you land on it. Maybe also allow for jumping higher if you are holding the jump button when you land on it as well?

Hitting/swinging/shaking/jumping off stuff has no "impact" to it (no sounds or dust or anything.)

Adding onto the jumping on Jump pads, maybe it makes a higher pitch noise when you jump higher.

The rainy area where you find the Spin Dash, maybe make the water look deep or something (I figured I was fine walking into it since it was slightly elevated below the safe ground.)

Adding onto the rainy area, maybe make it so that when you get the Spin Dash, you have to then use it to get back (maybe the upgrade is in a hole and you have to use the upgrade to get out of the whole.) Wrote this when I missed that you use it to get the hidden Lemon.

Wish item pickups had some initial text saying what they do (didn't figure out that I could use Spin Dash to clear jumps until I inspected it in the menu.)

No idea if a UI is already in the works. Would be nice to see what upgrades I have currently equipped in the button slots (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker's UI in the top right for example.) And of course, I guess for a way to hide UI elements.

Possibly differentiate the jump pads (Maybe the bigger one is a different color/has patterns)

"The bees don't like me killing flowers, where they watching me the whole time? Would they be chill if I didn't murder flowers prior to talking to them?"

Kind of wish Spin dashing NPCs made them twirl or something.

Wish hitting hammers against things stopped the hammer short of the ground.

Not sure if it was just me, but didn't see the safe spots in some areas unless I made a blind leap.

Wish the fall when you hit the rock roadblock wasn't so long. (Also unsure if it the block you break below the rock should look different from other blocks)

Hard to tell where the cloud platforms are.

Wish there were some invisible walls to keep me from falling off the front/back of some platforms (the first area after you leave the woods comes to mind. I fell off in front of the entrance, and also trying to get to the paper airplane part where

Wish I was moving a little faster in the background in the cloud platform section.

No idea what the progression on items is, but I feel like some may be too useful to have to keep equipping manually. Maybe have swappable equipment sets or certain items are bound to buttons outside the 3 equip buttons (just an example: Spin Dash to R2/Right Trigger, L2/Left Trigger to Paper Airplane.)

It's charming so far. Can't wait to see more of it.