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Heck yeah!! I'm so excited it's finally here! Thank you so much for your hard work, this is probably the game I was the most excited about to be able to play it completely! Congratulations!

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I think the issue here is that they haven't communicated anything, eventhoug they have to because of Kitstarter's rules.

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so, I guess i have to do june´s route again since his saves dont work ToT

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Hi! Sorry if you already covered this!  

Will we be able to change the name of Raen? Just asking because in some VN the developers don't say anything about that but the option is there when you play for the first time.

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Ah, all makes sense know lmao. Nice. I admire your work, fellow teammate.

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I'm sorry, I only check the website to download the updates and nothing more, and today I actually wanted to read the comments for the first time and I've been seeing various comments from you about the next update and I'm confused... Are you part of the developer team or just a random person ? Lol

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I'm REALLY interested in Gilles!

From what I read in his description (I didn't play the demo yet), it seems he's kinda like Dazai Osamu (the personality and such) from the anime Bungou Strays Dogs and he is my crush! He gives me those vibes Idk.

I hope anybody knows what I'm talking about lol.

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Oh, that's cool! Thanks for answering! Sorry again for asking the same question.

Hiii!!!! I can't wait for the release!! I hope everything is going well!

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Hii!! I can't wait for the release, I'm really looking foward to play the full game when is ready!! I hope everything is going well! uwu

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Hii! I can't wait for the release! I hope evertything is going well! :3

I'm sorry if you already answer this, maybe is a bother with the work you have to do, but I just wanted to know if we have the option in the game to change the name of Paul?

 I really don't mind if it's not possible, I just wanted to ask because in other games I played before, the developers didn't annouce the option and it was something you discover as a player. It's mostly my curiosity!

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Oh, that's amazing, I can't wait!! I'm glad everything is going well!  thanks for answering :)

Hi!! Is the game still in development? :3

Me too lol!! I can't wait!!