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I love this game! I only played William's route so far but I am very impressed. The story is well put together, and the characters are well developed. Excited for Axel's route! 

Do you plan on creating a CG gallery and an ending achievement gallery? While not necessary, it would cool to be able to keep track of which endings got unlocked and to see the CG's again.

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WOW, I've been playing nonstop since it came out on Monday, and have gotten 4 endings so far.


This game and this route in particular is a masterpiece!!!

I noticed that there were hints of Guillaume easy to anger/righteousness issues in the first game, but it was really shown here.

While this route didn't offer a differn't LI option, I was happily surprised by the MC's mother's more emotional side. Her love and fear regarding her children's safety as well as her empathy were more apparent in this route and I loved seeing it in combination with her schemes. 

The way you mold and show various sides to these characters and to the ongoing conflicts, situations, and drama through various decisions/personality / traits the MC has in this route (and have them intersect through other routes) is incredible. 

You have a masterful storytelling ability and thank you for your hard work on this project. I've really enjoyed playing this game, it is by far one of my favorites. 

Thanks for continuing to update the game! That's awesome!

So exciting! Thank you for this amazing project you have undertaken. I know it has been a lot more work than initially imagined.  Take care of yourself in 2022 :) 

Happy New Year!

Just finished all but 2 endings and found all of the CG's for Bastien's route!

Wow, you did an amazing job on this one! Bastien is actually my second least favorite RO (he's too quiet for me) but the story was really interesting and depending on your choices vastly differn't! I ended up with 5 playthroughs!

I actually like that you're releasing one route at a time, it would be a way too overwhelming if you weren't. This way I can spend a weekend, going back to get all the choice options in the route and see the reaction changes (Which for Bastien differed vastly!) And that's with the same MC traits!

Can't wait for the next couple routes!!! :) Seriously I'm hooked.

Yess! Congrats, so excited for you!

I'm sorry I completely forgot to reply >.<

But awesome, thanks for the update! Excited to hear more in the future!!!

Yep mine said that too should be fine

Any updates on this project? Still excited for it!

For those not being able to download it's also on steam. I was able to download it there!

I do love the MC look tho but I'll guess we'll see how the artist decides to recapture her!  Thanks for making this game,  honestly top 3 in my favorite visual novels of all time! It reminds me so much of dragon age origins! 

Since season 2  is getting a new artist will the art style look  drastically different? I love the characters now tho I wouldn't mind a change in CG's  :) 

Is it too late to buy the nsfw version?

I downloaded the mac demo from steam since I had the same issue

Amazing game! Luca was definitely my favorite but I loved Adrian as well. I also loved how intense the bad endings were, it made me pick carefully the second and third plays.  

One of my favorite historical games! Amazing CG's, writing, routes and artwork! 

I LOVED THIS! Everything about it from the writing, to Isabel's personality was amazing! Please let us know anything we can do to support you guys! I'm definitely craving more.