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0/10 all it did was make me sad :(

so it's a 10/10

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we need a full game, i actually think this game has some potential i got some fun out of this

none of my games show up as i have them all on another drive :(

do you use arch btw

it didn't work

you should make this work on other browsers and search other drives

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"If you are reading this that means it probably isn't your first time playing the demo"

it is my first time

Anyways this game is really cool! i saw it on r/hotlinemiami and I'm happy to play it!

good game, basically conker's bad fur day on PC

i want to know hows the full game coming along

You have to download it via the website, its a common problem with the itch app.

Wii play, do you?

uh oh


uh oh


i want this game to be on steam

nft heist

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yeah i fuckin hate it, give us a choice