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The art style is great, and Kat's personality is very fun to have around (wich makes the ending very effective), the side characters were very enjoyable as well. The ambience is very well done and the locations are eerie but not in an exagerated way, wich is very nice as well because it doesn't feel opressive. I can't wait to see the full story (wich i'm guessing will involve Kat's father). I'll keep an eye out for this project!

Oh my, way too relatable, waaaaay too relatable, i've been through the same thing! Still kinda am, lol. But this game really sums it up, thank you for making it <3

Gorgeous and already very special to me. Thank you <3

So sweet and beautiful <3

I played through the easy and normal endings, and i just have to say, i'm so glad i didn't quit the game! The easy ending got me in a fit of laughter, i was so ready for full on horror and terror and anxiety but when it just ended i was done for, and i was hooked. The normal ending got me shook, when we found out the identity of the killer, holy shit, my jaw was on the floor! And then what happened after! Help! I've fallen and i can't get up! Also, i absolutely loved the dark sessions where you follow your friend, i had never seen anything like it before and it was such a fun challenge. Can't wait to replay this game and get the other two endings! Thank you so much for this amazing, scary, fantastic game, and i will be looking forward to more from you!

I understand you 100%, sometimes, even stuff we love can drain us out. I hope you find all the happiness and stability you deserve, and if you ever do come back, we'll welcome you with open arms. I'm extremely grateful to Cupid date, to AWOO (wich is still one of my favorite VNs) and to you. Take care, i hope you're happy wherever you are. <3

Oh wow this took a very dark turn. But i love it!

Oh wow, i think i almost cried. This was gorgeous, i was needing this. It was beautiful. Thank you so much.

This was heartbreakingly sweet. And the songs are great! This game killed me, ok? I'm dead, it was beautiful. Great work!

This was very cute! Thank you, i was needing it <3

This was so sweet. When i noticed more people with flowers in the background i got really emotional. Thank you. I wish i could rate this because it's a solid 5/5. <3