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Played this game and absolutely loved the experience. Game really grabbed attention and made you feel what your character felt. Very well done! 

ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS GAME! Captured my attention from the get go and cant wait to play the full version!

Played this game had an absolute blast! Love the art style was my favorite part. Very reminiscent of old school pokemon. keep up the good work!

Was a short fun game to play.
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Played the game, ending got to me honestly. Why I have no idea. Loved the art style it was gorgeous to play. Keep up the good work!

Played the game, and gotta say I enjoyed it. Hoping to see more of it, and seeing whats on the other side of the bright light at the end!

I Played the game and LOVED it. Awesome game, keep up the good work!

Didn't make it as far in as I would have liked. My biggest suggestion is having to click to look around I found it a pain really. But loved playing the game otherwise!

Here's my little play through of the game. Hope you enjoy!

Love playing this game. I've always been a huge fan of survival games! Keep it up!

Love playing this game, is always an enjoyment!

Played the game and overall its pretty challenging. I'm pretty oblivious, so there could be some reason as to why I never found any real hints. I plan to go back in and play again!

Played the game, here's a little video!

This just defends the fact I should never be left in charge of anything. But great game, was a blast, get really hard, really fast though.

Love playing this game, survival style games are one of my favorites!

Had a lot of fun with this game, always enjoy a good point and click style, loved the art style as well, hope you enjoy the video. I'll be recommending to all my friends to give it a play!

Sorry thought I posted it haha. Well here it is!

When I first played I had to exit out of my downloads, then go back to it, and click on it again. Give it a try, there were times I had to click on it multiple times. Hope this helps!

Game was awesome, loved it. Really made contact with the type of person I am outside of playing video games, so it combines my two favorite things, video games and fabricating/making things. Well done, and great game I'll be sure to recommend to others!

I probably missed the point of the game, but it entertained me for a bit. Good game, wish I could have saved my poor plant Ernest :(

Didn't experience any issues when I played, keyboard controls seem to be an issue but I just played with my controller. Was a fun game, and VERY pretty.

Played this game, was a fun experience no doubt about it! Hoping for more levels in the future!