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Thanks for playing :) No volume adjustment yet but there will be soon

Yep! I've got a fun practice room in the works :) Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for checking it out! :)

Thank you :)

Yeah that's intentional :)

Sorry its not working properly, hopefully things work right in the next demo

Sorry you're not able to play :') I've been working to resolve this. Hopefully the next demo works better

Thanks for playing! Hopefully in the next demo release things will be better

Hey there, will look into this soon. Sorry about that

Thanks for trying it out :)

But, the attack sprites being incomplete isn't an error... its just not done lol

Thanks for playing! :D I'll continue to work on optimization

I really appreciate it! :)

I'll give this a look soon.

Thank you! Yes, other ports will be coming! :D

Thanks for the feedback! Been workin on this stuff since this version :) You'll feel a big difference in the next big demo

Thank you for the feedback! :)

Thank you! lol at the con

Thank you! :D

thanks! :)

Thank you! :D

thanks man :)