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What do you mean?
I have never seen such a ball in stock
BTW, I have seen some other ball (something yawn, right upper ball with long-tail), that happens in the enemy team, but never appeared in a shop, so it looks like there are some balls that are not clear how to buy

WTF? How does it possible to have one 35/42 ball + 3 balls with 10+ stats? 
Is it a legal strategy or just something like server request spoofing?

My best build ever:
Strategical benefits are the following:

1. Each turn I receive 6 mana automatically: 4 by helmet, taking 1 energy, 2 by coat for free

2. Also, I have 15 mana at the start of the combat, which allows getting +30 dmg on each weapon immediately, which gives the possibility to kill 1-2 enemies before they harm me in any way

3. And fox rapier improves the shield each use, so it helps during the long combats

Nevertheless, tactics also matter, and this build gives great tactical possibilities having 6 mana at the beginning of each turn: I have 3 tactical tools to cover any strategy drawbacks:

1. -12 to spikes & rage

2. +6 to self-regen

3. +24 to armor

4. any combination in the middle

So, it was a great pleasure to play this build and almost no risk at all;)

Expected something like Samorost, but it's nowhere near it. 
Ultraannoying fights (especially on MacOS, where it collides with system key combinations), primitive mechanics, and relations between playable objects.

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my best run
it was a lot of luck. Two overkills + silver mirror hollow dice at the end + enough upgrade and drop abilities to get almost fully gold deck at the 11-12 round, when I started to acquire new dices

That's shame on the game, really
Nevertheless, the fact that you have 32 hp, tells that you wasted too much chance to improve your deck (and the shitty dices on the pic prove that)

Cool game
But, as for me, so fast rise of cost for the pass is too cruel. X2 pass cost on the 2-win streak ruins the strategy and brings too much entropy

it's interesting
sometimes the ending is usual, and sometimes something black appears)

And also there is a very annoying mechanic when you are trying to prolong the battle to get a better heal option. Especially when you have to do it against the last bug that is a healer, - battle becomes endless. Is it possible to change it somehow?

7. Get A 'The Poop' Dice

I got it intentionally on low levels and it is not so poopy as you think)

It becomes "all 6" die in a 1 upgrade. But, depending on a bit of luck it can become crystal.

Do you really want more random in a game that fed up with random?

I have played it dozens of times and won it dozens of times. But, sometimes I really hate the game and swear the authors. And I want them to be in my shoes at such moments, feel my frustration and misery and try to create some strategy when all the options are trolling you.

Because it's really not cool when the game doesn't give you the ability to acquire heavy attack and defense dices at all regardless the strategy you use, and you are feeling total frustration and misery on high levels. It's also not cool when you are fed up with shitty dices on low levels and game doesn't allow you to either acquire something good or upgrade something, because upgrade option not appear for a lot of levels and you acquire shit like basic dices.

Looks like that's the best result ever in forgiving mode

Still can't believe that I was able to do it

How can I buy an version for $10 right now?

Tried to play, but the dialogs are endless. The only thought is "Please, let me directly to the gameplay! I'm fed up with your dialogs!!!"

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It is soooo boring(((
After wave 20-25 it turns to click start -> wait -> repeat
Made a suicide at wave 51 to find out the number of robots trashed (it was 2579) and stop this time wasting experience)

PS: please, allow to destroy towers. At least it will provide some perfectionist pleasure to build a perfect system)

But also, as for me, the game is too imbalanced. The tower+cattle+uplift combination is too powerful, and that's the only factor for a good score (see the picture below)
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Very beautiful game and cool sound! 

Thanks a lot! Your advices helped me a lot, but 9000+ planet score is smth unbelievable for me. For example, that's my best run

I think the problem could be in my extensive use of starbirth, that consume a lot of time. And, I also surprised, that you have found infraspace usable (isn't it consume 2 much time?) and don't use void syntethizers (why?). 

That's a pity(

Is the game really endless (after winning boss on realm 8 you are being teleportated to the realm 8 again, what I could see in \AppData\Local\IIslandsOfWar\save_8\realm.txt), or it is something like Mr. Resetti for those, who saves progress?;)

Got 4815 points) A game glitched, and points riced and riced after the finish of the run

Have found something like a strategy to achieve quite a high scores (screenshot is about Normal map):

  1. Start the level when there are at least 2 ponds, and both of them are in one half of the screen
  2. Don't try to farm scores with a population size. It's tempting to puff it up to 25-40, but it means no ability to farm resources. For an instance, I kept it under 8 all the time
  3. Farm resources with a "basic strategy": 
    1. divide the map into 2 equally distributed pieces (diagonal line is perfect) by houses to keep pigs out of fields, having all the ponds in one side
    2. grow trees on the no-pond side and grow wheat on the pond side
    3. repeat until you will get ~99 score of wheat and 50+ of seeds & houses. More than 99 is impossible by game design
  4.  Max out pig score
    1. distribute houses with citizens uniformly across the map to cover the majority of territory with hunting
    2. bed out trees across all the map
    3. wait until pigs will cover all the map
    4. kill all the pigs in hunting zone
    5. cut down all the trees
  5. Max out harvest score
    1. skip until all the free cells are spare
    2. bed out all the "3" cells with wheat
    3. bed out all the "2" cells with wheat
  6. Max out lightning score
    1. lightnings are being summoned on the previous step of algorithm? so just skip, skip, skip
    2. at each turn build the house on the most remote from epicentr of fire and occupy it
    3. repeat until you will die

Other ideas to earn more:

  1. Try to max out people score by increasing the population to ~40 and immediately decreasing it by controlled starvation. After that come back to basic strategy. The risk that you can summon the lightnings without resources.
  2. Control the lightnings by massive trees growing. Cut the trees -> summon -> grow the trees -> chase away. Did it one time, but failed another time