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This was awesome! Good job to the team that work together in making this!

Cool game. What game engine is this made on

I love it!

I finally got a VICTORY!

Cool Game Fun. One some times the location I want my character to move isn't correct. But still cool game.

Game is Unbeatable. True. Please make it beatable.

I think a restart for the game after you beat it would benefit the game for replay-ability.

Challenging game but fun when it makes my brain work

Good game. Pretty tough the first time playing through.

Pretty cool so far. I like the visuals. Mechanics are pretty solid so far

I really like this game.


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Good Game! Solid! Keep up the good work!

Looking forward to rate this game!

Shop system could use a jump upgrade. Still a really really fun game

Cool, interesting twist to a Pong Gam

If you like to help change the art style of the game. Please Comment.


This Game is Rad

Vimlark, I just recently been viewing your youtube channel sometime last year, and I didn't realize you commented on my game 2 years ago. Your comments means so much. Thank you!

That's fair. It was something I wanted to test out and never continued to on the idea.

Thank you for the comment. Really appreciated it.

I haven't been checking my comments lately. I started in 2017, using Construct 2 and Construct 3. Learned from a studio called Game Gen

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I like very much. Keep at it

This game is amazing. Also I recognize this song lol

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Loud noises. I got spooked at the first encounter. But definite a really cool game, a really full game on this would be awesome.

I really like this game. Definitely has great potential

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Pretty cool

What game engine was this made on

make this a mobile game. Also it has room for more content

The game world is massive

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Small game, huge content. I like it!

Game has potential for more content. I would like to see how much further this game can go.

Cool Dungeon Crawler. Interesting mix of "Christmasy Music" and eerie music

Cool Quick Draw game. Like the sound design. Would like to see more consistent art; all pixelated or all high res.

Cool Game. Fullscreen option would be nice and sound effects like explosions or and sniping of wires

Best GAME of 2020!

I know this a late reply. Thank you for the comment

This is cool!

This is such an amazing game! Proud of you buddy!