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That's fair. It was something I wanted to test out and never continued to on the idea.

Thank you for the comment. Really appreciated it.

I haven't been checking my comments lately. I started in 2017, using Construct 2 and Construct 3. Learned from a studio called Game Gen

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I like very much. Keep at it

This game is amazing. Also I recognize this song lol

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Loud noises. I got spooked at the first encounter. But definite a really cool game, a really full game on this would be awesome.

I really like this game. Definitely has great potential

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Pretty cool

What game engine was this made on

make this a mobile game. Also it has room for more content

The game world is massive

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Small game, huge content. I like it!

Game has potential for more content. I would like to see how much further this game can go.

Cool Dungeon Crawler. Interesting mix of "Christmasy Music" and eerie music

Cool Quick Draw game. Like the sound design. Would like to see more consistent art; all pixelated or all high res.

Cool Game. Fullscreen option would be nice and sound effects like explosions or and sniping of wires

Best GAME of 2020!

I know this a late reply. Thank you for the comment

This is cool!

This is such an amazing game! Proud of you buddy!

Fun Game! You could add so many levels.

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Well done man! I got 3300 points!

Good job in posting your game?

Your game also reminds me of a game called N

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Dude this is awesome! You could probably sell this idea. It's like Celeste but with a 10 sec per level

I've got better in this game! At least the first level LOL. Share this game!

Hope all is well with you man

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Epic intro! Still having trouble beating boss. But cool game. A lot of potential for a Hero Academia Game

YAY! Great Game

What are the controls?

Keep up the good work!

This game is amazing. Good job.

Score works now. Try to ascend up into the game

Wow well done. I could see it is a speed race inspired game. I wish there was some collectibles in the game

I Dig it!

With each new update. This game is looking awesome.


Teacher Bud lol

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Thanks for the heads up! That rarely happens but it does happen  q_q

Thanks. I made a change. Actually they're were under my water filter.