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click start. But you can actually press enter or space too.

I've made a new updates if you would like to play!

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Oh I could still update it. Thank you for the Feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks for the video. This is awesome!

Thanks for the great feedback. Also what do you recommend in fixing the web physics?

Cool. Concept. It's simple. But I think it could be more fun like the Resident Evil/Biohazard games. Maybe allowing the player to shoot with limited ammo against a smaller yet  an agile enemy type. While the Key Bearer is invincible. Btw is this procedually generated?

Fun game. I like to see my high score in the end.

This game was amazing. I played to the very end and not once did I feel like giving up. Also it's pretty nice to see another Construct 2 game developer!

This game is amazing. You're giving me some inspiration for  minimalistic games with deep game mechanics.

Too Hard? Maybe I made it a little too hard. Thanks for the Feed Back

If you could please explain the issues, it will be a lot helpful to see how I can fix it.

I'm having difficulties with pinning the UI to the top of the screen.

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Sure! Will do! Thank you for the comment! This is honestly my first time using and this would technically be my first ever game jam. A child student of mine gave me the idea to make it.