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What a charming little game! The "one-a-day" formula really benefited it; it turned what would have been a very short playthrough into a multiple week experience. I loved taking a few minutes out of days to sit down and relax for a bit, reading through other people's stories. 

This is a very calming little experience; I love it. Happy new year to all!

The incremental games by adriendittrick are always a blast, and this one is much of the same; the different combos you can build up are great fun, and it's super satisfying to absolutely obliterate everything. The sprites are charming, too, and I especially like the flavour text of attacks.

The only issue I had was with the final area. At that point, I found the only way I could beat the final boss was with Nidhogg and Fenrir, and it did rely a bit on RNG, since it had to not pick the same move two times in a row . It was a shame to say goodbye to Boost, too ;(

Other than that, though, I loved this little game! Great work.

Even as someone who doesn't often play puzzle games, this feels so polished and good to play. The visuals are clean and convey important information clearly, and the feedback from completing combos and chains is very satisfying. It seems pretty difficult, but that may just be because I'm absolutely terrible at puzzle games - the depth of strategy here is imposing!