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Who gave this a 1 star & why?

The little sister's attitude change when you don't show interest was a turn off & the MC seems kind of dumb. I tried rejecting the woman that calls the MC her babe but didn't do anything.

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!!!!! This page is for Patreon Members.  PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PAGE. That is why I have set it to $100 !!!!!

They want you to be a Patreon supporter to play this game.

I want Nyx. Nyx is attractive. Sucks that you can't get her help.

Awesome. I prefer playing as a female. Prolly cause I wish I was.

Impregnation isn't my thing but being able to hypnotize people sounds very fun.

As soon as I logged out of Steam & check game updates on Itch, I see this. I'll definitely buy this on release.

Copy saves from the old file, to the new one...

Female MC? I'll definitely try it out.

The crazier, the better.

Itch isn't allowing the developer to receive payment. Which means no more updates until each update goes public.

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I'll pay to show support. On Steam & on here.

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Welp, my steam account is gone so now I have to wait until the game is released on here to buy it and play it. If I buy it before it has to be bought. Will I get any future updates or do I need to buy it again?

I don't care what you think.

I think she deserves punishment. Not exactly in a ditch. More like kidnapped & used.

Thanks. I figured it out yesterday.

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Is it bad that I think Noriko deserves punishment?

thanks. I downloaded it last night.

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I saw those options but the game won't let me pick them. I bought this for $15. I guess I downloaded the demo.

For some reason I'm only able to choose the love path options. I can't choose anything else.

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Like nice & mean? I'd prefer being mean. Why is the love path the only option for Yasuka?

This is such a great game. I play on the female cousin route. Very good. Do you plan on putting this on Steam?

I'm thinking of buying this but before I do, I wanted to ask. Are there different routes for the characters and are there different ways to interact with the characters?

image 'endingsbadasscourt06' not found. Newest public update.

does it have story sex in it? Like unavoidable sex.

The game is already finished? What's next for you?

There is endings already? Kind of sounds like the last update. No more game updates after this one?

Patrons only forever?

His last update was September 30th of last year on Patreon. Gotta pay to see it, of course.

I'm buying this on Steam so I don't have to keep going to itch to download a new update everytime. Plus, I'm glad it's going on Steam. 

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How would Steam know???

And why do they care?

The 0.29 folder has 0.27 inside. Is it supposed to say 0.27?

I saw that but don't think i'll like it.


I never played those.

Intentional? Don't see that in games.

The game crashed for me when I opened Anton's room door myself & Sasha & Johan showing up talking to me. After it crashed, I just kept passing the days until the MC gets mad & says how he shouldn't be there & hasn't crashed yet.

Thank you for the help.

Can someone explain what each skill is for?