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I'm buying this on Steam so I don't have to keep going to itch to download a new update everytime. Plus, I'm glad it's going on Steam. 

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How would Steam know???

And why do they care?

The 0.29 folder has 0.27 inside. Is it supposed to say 0.27?

I saw that but don't think i'll like it.


I never played those.

Intentional? Don't see that in games.

The game crashed for me when I opened Anton's room door myself & Sasha & Johan showing up talking to me. After it crashed, I just kept passing the days until the MC gets mad & says how he shouldn't be there & hasn't crashed yet.

Thank you for the help.

Can someone explain what each skill is for?

dang hope you get time soon.

Well I love spoilers if I need to know something. How do I get the new Sanctuary resident?


Who's story event?

Will the android girl ever use the gun in her room? I'm so curious.

Great. Thank you for making them compatible.

0.15 saves don't work for new version?

Out now.

Will Steam release be in chapters like it will be here? Maybe a walkthrough too for Steam as DLC?

I'm playing a bit of this & I don't see any choices.

And some of the words are typed as being said instead of thoughts.

Rue repeats the same thing when you catch her cheating.

What would you have to edit?

Ohh. I'm very interested in this AVN because of the taboo. Will this possibly be on Steam?

Taboo & incestuous are not the same? What's the difference?

What's Netori?

What's taboo about this?

Is there a possibility of this going on Steam?

Do you have an estimated release date?

I'm so gonna buy this on Steam.

I will so buy this if it goes on Steam.

Wither is the one I wanna see. New goblin girl? Related to the other two?

You seem surprised that people can be slow.

What's so special about the new build?

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$75??? Why $75 for 2 extra days?

I noticed that she can't talk. I'm curious about where she came from & if the MC can communicate wit her.

I'm curious about the harpy's story.