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This is really cute! Having just finished Shining Force for the first time, this is a nice way to scratch that itch some more!

No worries! We look forward to seeing what you make in the future!

Hi there, I wanted to thank you for this collection. I included "Race To Mars" in my sci-fi rhythm game, "RhythmDrive"!

Thank you so much for playing it, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! There's unfortunately a few bugs in the level generator, which does lead to impossible states. I regret trying to be so fancy for this jam. There were easier ways to make levels. (Expect me to talk more about that in my postmortem).

The game is supposed to calculate the shortest path to the exit from the reactor and give you enough turns to make it, so that's probably a bug also. Oh well. :(

You seemed to have hit the pieces I'm most proud of though, so "Mission Success"! ;)

Strong approval on the use of TypeScript! Neat! Why yarn over npm?

Did you use Djinn for this, or one of your side project micro-engines?

This is a really neat write up! Spotted a small typo: 

"the Fighting Spirit skill was helps the narrative of internal power" should probably be "the Fighting Spirit skill helps the narrative of internal power".

It'd be handy to have a version of this document which was just the class pages, which could be printed and folded in half to slot into the RPG book, or as a table reference.

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback. I should really revisit this idea because it's a fun one.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

I've had flawless audio on Mac and Linux during development and testing. I'm still improving the Windows output, but I was hopeful I had smoothed things out, so I am disappointed to hear it's still not behaving. 

I've been building the engine core for a couple of months prior (started in June), but all the high-level pieces (Entity-Component-System, tile-map parsing, physics, collision, etc) were all produced during the span of this jam. 

If you were finding a slow framerate, the music will have been affected also, but I wonder what's causing the slowdown. I'll investigate that.

We were definitely going for a early to mid-90's feel. The game is heavily inspired by the movie Hackers from 1995, as well as MSX/NES era games.

I hope to continue working at it, chipping away on the bugs and issues until it's perfect, so hopefully you'll come back when it's working better :)

In fact, I think I have solved the Windows issue properly now also, so please take a look at that when you get a chance. I really appreciate your feedback :)

I think I've figured out how to correctly bundle SDL2 with my engine on OSX, so I've updated that version. If you could give it another try, I'd much appreciate it. I'll get to work on why the Windows version is failing now.

No worries, I'll look into it. I've had a lot of problems with producing the Windows version. Hopefully I can sort it soon and you can try the game!

Apologies for that, I haven't tested the windows version on a real machine yet. I've now packed in an SDL dll. Please redownload and give it a go!

Thank you :)

@Sausage: Thanks for playing!
The music is available from here, if you are interested:

Sadly we ran out of time before adding animations.
Admittedly, adding a 'Mission Success' screen between each level is quite obnoxious. Our intention was that you'd be given a snippet of plot at the end of each level from the terminals that were hacked, so that screen kind of stands in where that would go.

Gunpoint was one of our inspirations. Sadly we didn't have time to produce a lot of levels.

Thanks for playing!

Hi There,

Thanks for your interest in my game. How did you find out about it?

Your video project sounds quite interesting, although I'm not sure if I am best qualified for it.

As you can see from my profile page, I can be found on twitter @avivbeeri.

Best regards,


I used this game jam as an excuse to learn Python properly. I had some

In retrospect, it was a terrible idea, because, while python is cross platform, distributing it and our graphics/sound library has proved to be a major challenge, to the point that I don't think many people will play our game just because setting it up is a chore, unless you happen to be on linux.

Great fun though, and an excellent event.