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Thanks; I did use the app.  The Download button informed me it was already installed (1.08 version), when I found the 'Check for updates' menu option (right clicking on the Outpost Glacier entry IIRC) and selected it, it seemed nothing was done and I still had the 1.08 version.  Then I created this original post asking how to proceed; on checking back after you replied I found and clicked 'Check for updates' again, and this time I was told it was up to date and indeed the correct 1.09 version is what was run.  So perhaps there was some update feedback I had missed, or wasn't presented where I could see it, or I just needed to wait for the update to complete. 

I thought publishing this game within was intended to help with applying updates.  I don't see any option to update in-place, but instead to download, and tells me it's already installed.  1.08 (from previous week) is what I installed in, 1.09 is the update I desire.  How do I easily initiate an update to this game?  Or do I need to delete it and reinstall, and if so, what's the purpose of using in the first place?  What am I missing here?  Thanks in advance...