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Aviral Srivastava

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i really liked the concept and story plot of this game. The game being a horror game while still having mind puzzles to solve the quests really keeps the player intrigued. The environmental setting is perfect and the sound of the game are spot on for making different situation feel differently, they make the player be on edge for what is about to come. What i  didnt like though was the control type. even though the game was designed for windows or a pc platoform, it was designed keeping the controller in  mind. which i felt was something which can be imporved. also the camera angles for the game and the axis of the character needs improvement. The character feels too stubborn to move around. and because of the frequewntly changing camera angles it can become quite difficult to move in the direction u want to. The graphics could obviously use a lift tho these ones get the job done just fine too. In all  a great concept with a great stroyline to keep  a person wanting for more. A little more efforts on execution can help this turn into a great game 

Aviral Srivastava (Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal- CSE Specialization in Gaming Technology)