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I had fun playing this game. Reminded me of days of yore. 

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Lovin’ it.

You bet! That has become a standard ending in my games these days. I despise unhappy endings.

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Thanks. I tried to keep it simple and it seems to have paid off this time.

You're welcome. I hope development is smooth sailing for you.

I had in mind an image for each product. As the game progresses the products displayed could be more elaborate, colorful, or interesting in some way (e.g., gems and so forth). This would be an incentive to make progress in the game.

Another incentive is to let the player choose to specialize in specific kinds of products — e.g., a player could choose to trade mainly in food, or livestock, or minerals, or crafts, etc. I mention this because my own games tend to have one, and only one, path to the finish line. I think games that let players make consequential decisions are more appealing. It gives the player a chance to add their own "style" to the game.

Just my 2 cents! Anyway, I think your game has a lot of potential.

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I like the background audio, it gives a nice market-place feel.

Instead of having the text scroll automatically, it might be better to let the player press a key. Sometimes it was hard to keep up.  Also, you could complement the text with images — just some ideas for development.

It is possible to have smoother movement, but on the other hand stop-motion has its own appeal. I tend to aim for a childish, picture-book feel. Thanks for giving the game a go. 

I like the colorful use of text graphics in this game, especially the faces. It's very creative, and it made the game interesting. I wish there were a bit more game-play, but I think this game has a lot of potential. It can be expanded into a fun, challenging game.

This is an unusual and challenging game. I was able to make progress using a mouse instead of a touchpad. It would be great if the player could use the keyboard as well (where the 'N', 'B', and '/' keys change the gravity). I like the music in this game and the graphics are well done.

Fun, and I like the insult at the end.

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I love the pixel art in this game. Well done sir.

I enjoyed playing this game. Graphics and music are very good.

Fun! I love the primitive audio. Nice work.