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Where can I buy this game on

This game is super frustrating and fun. Good job!

This game is crazy! It reminded me of "The Telltale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe. I love the story and the graphics/cutscenes! It was also weird how you had one location that changed as you walked about. The room with the corpse heads really surprised me! Does that mean that his partner wasn't his only victim? 

Thank you! I uploaded the files in a zip for you!

Thank you <3

I wish I could download this game, I think you need to go into your game settings on your page and make your files downloadable. 

I love how you made the Christmas lights flicker. You used palette swap didn't you?

The platforming is challenging, but fun. It's cool how there's a secret candy cane in each level. 

This game has great graphics and a lot of potential. I didn't feel inclined to enter every house after they were all filled with the same things. I wish you had left the empty houses out of the game! I wanted to go into Santa's house, but I couldn't, even after rescuing Santa. If you decide to continue working on this game, maybe add some different weapon or enemy types to keep the combat fresh. Overall, good job! I'm jealous of your pixel art and color sense!

I love this game. The graphics are good and the story is unique. It's pretty hard though! Might take me a bit to finish it! It's fun playing it on my GBA!

Thank you! I've never played Kwirk, I'll have to try it!

Thank you!

The game is fun, the graphics are cute, I like the story, but the dash mechanic kept getting me stuck inside walls! 

I can't seem to find the download link!

Thank you so much!

Hey! Do you have the .gb file so I can play this on my GBA?

I love your username, by the way. 

Story-oriented RPG? Platformer? Visual novel? Rhythm game?

Can't wait to try this! Thank you!

I actually cried at the end. Beautiful game!