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Yeah! with animation curves you can get very realistic results, because you can add a wing lift curve from a real airplane.  In my case, for the c172 I just searched up the wing type, then the profile and simply imported the lift and drag curve into my script.

You can get the latest version by downloading the launcher, which will keep you always up-to-date, but for some reason doesnt the launcher work anymore, maybe because of a windows update. you can download the  "Outdated" version, which isnt that old

Thanks! Yes I've made the airplane model by myself. I'm acctually working on that project again, trying to get even more realistic physics. And I should fix the launcher at some point since thats broken too...

At the moment I am not really working much on that project, because lack of time and other private stuff. aka job, new bike, gf etc...

But I wont give up the project because maybe I will get some motivation back one day

I can try to find an older version and make a new public open-source    project for that.

sorry, You can now find the controls right here.

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what part of the game do you want? Or   what do you even mean? reflection script, wing-physics script...?

I have recently found a bug, with the input system not working without a joystick, and the multiplayer has some issues too.. but I am trying to fix that asap.

normally,  you should be able to change throttle by holding 1  or 2,  if you have the new version, and the throttle doesnt work with 1 or 2,   try to  set up a throttle axis, in the menu > options > control options > throttle, and select any joystick / controller  and it should work.  but the 1 and 2 keys should always work.

Thanks :D

Mac isnt supported, sorry!

I regulary post updates on the ufs youtube channel!

Thanks :D

Sorry! no code is allowed to be copied/shared. 

(cc: All rights reserved.)  
aka. Unity Flight Simulator, Aviation Simmer, AviaSimDev.

Sorry! We had a copyright strike because of the airplane models. Now we have our own and you can download it now! just updated it :)

looks like its working well?? anyway... whith what did you do this? pun2, mirror... idk... I have no idea how to get sth like that working.. can you help me with that?

Sorry! me neither. 
Check out that tutorial!


have you tried pressing 1 or 2? (hold button)

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settings aren't aviable yet. they will be added later.

if you fly that plane, make sure to always fly above 50kt.  don't pull hard on the pitch axis, if you fly with the keyboard, just tipp w and s.   Maybe watch a video of me flying! You can also use the autopilot! it  does smooth movements.

Sorry, I was never able to try this on mac. Other people said that it works...

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If you don't have the newest version, there   will be no autopilot. Just download it again and replace it. You should find a little triangle at the middle bottom of the game. if you click that, you can enable the autopilot.  The videos with the cockpit and that stuff are all before the copyright strike. Our team is working on a cockpit and other planes!

- Jonas

I'm glad to have helped you. Have fun! 🛫

maybe you are to slow... do full power and wait untill the airplane reaches about 55kt. then just tip  the "pitch up" button a few times ! If that doesn't work,  try to takeoff with the autopilot. I guess your min. Speed is 10kt. if you have more than 10kt, you can turn on the autopilot by clicking the little arrow on the bottom.  Turn  on  the autopilot and the vertical speed. set the vertical speed to sth like 500 and you will be good to go. I know,    it is very difficult to fly with a keyboard. I use a joystick which works fine.

Update is released. I hope you like it 😉

- Aviation  Simmer

Hey, duck!

it's been a very long time since i updated the game. The game will be updated in a few hours ;) Great new features are coming, with a real plane, da40 and there is also an autopilot. That was actually the reason why it takes so long... I also have two youtube channels that are already very inactive. Ultimately, I also have to study for school, and I also pay a lot of attention to quality. Since there have been no updates for 3 months, it's finally time!

- Aviation Simmer


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I didn't get it. sadly... can you maybe upload it to google drive and send me the link...? would be an option.

and I'm looking forward to see the new big update! 🤗

edit: Cool new tracks & cars 👌

Thanks 👋

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Hey! I just wanna ask you if you already sent it to me. Because my mail doesn't work sometimes... and maybe you tipped the email wrong... anyway I'm just asking!




you can delete all assets but maybe leave a car (if it's by yourself). if not, could you replace the cars with e.g. a cube Thanks for being confident.



Thanks! :) 

I don't want to copy any assets, because i don't need them in a flight Anyway it would be great if you can release it. 



I'm very interested in your game and noticed that there is a very well working multiplayer mode. I am (also) 14 and am currently making my own flight simulator for myself and my community. I've been looking for solutions for multiplayer for a very very long time now, but I've never managed to. Would it be possible to "release" the project? so that I can take a look at how you created/made the multiplayer mode…🤗?


I had a copyright Strike. Because the plane models I downloaded were copied from the microsoft flight simulator

how did you import the wole world???

maybe I will! subscribe to the ufs youtube channel to not miss, if the video is online!

I am working on fps improvements, and also on a new big airccraft!  The 0.0.12 beta might come out in a few days.

In the next version, it is already fixed!

Thanks :D   I'll give my best to improve the game! thanks for your review!