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I love this! You managed to capture the characters and general atmosphere of LIS really well. The routes are real fun to play and believable and the dialogue is both entertaining and emotional. The art is beautiful and also fits the LIS art style. The achievements and gallery are a fun bonus, too. Sorry for rambling, I just really think you did a great job! ^^

This is a really interesting game with great art and characters! Can't wait for the finished game ^^

This game is really cool, I loved it! I'm definitely gonna check out the comic! ^^

I really liked this game! ^^ It was funny but had a good message as well. (Also Dr. Frank is relatable af)

I really like the art and characters and the customization of the protagonist is awesome too ^^ I can't wait to play part 2!

I love this game! I already enjoyed your other game and this one's great too! The art and dialogue are awesome ^^

I'm really looking forward to playing the full game! I love the music, art and concept ^^