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yep thats what were hear for, play testing. lol

very fun. very difficult to. i struggled with very hard mode

i think its a fun game but not enough to it. i think it needs something a liitle more to spice it up.

but otherwise very smart, simple but fun. the only suggestion is as it goes on you should add a 360 rotating cannon/shield so that your attacked from all sides

so i think i broke the game. lol. it turned black after a triangle hit me and my points are still going up

its fun but bland. there needs to be something to spice it up a little.

i like the concept but the mouse doesnt re appear on screan after loss

really fun i thought it was boring and went to comment but read alex robbins post about the store and i didnt see a store before so thats what brought me back to the game. 

honestly very fun for how simple it is.  i could see myself spending hours at a time on this game and might even pay for it on steam. the only thing i dont like is.. oh there isnt anything. you should add power upps though.