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Just started playing For the Love of Christmas on my channel. Its very fun. Great job on the story. Am enjoying it! :D

Hello! I sat down to play your game the other day. Have to say it really fun, you couldn't tell from the gameplay, lol. Wasn't sure what to expect. later on I got the hang of it. Love the look of Struggle of Combat. So I made a video on my channel. enjoy the video. I enjoyed playing it! Have a good one!

hello guys I played Bright Light and I made a video to show off your cool exploration game! I hope you will enjoy. As I enjoyed walking around and in the light house. Have a great one!!

great gameplay I used a lot of the bomb power-ups. I like explosion in game!

Hello, Studio 11508, played your game! Thought it was very fun and enjoyable. So I made a video. How you will enjoy!

Thank you and you are very welcome! Have a good one!!:)

Hello T19 Games I made a video covering your game on youtube. I really enjoyed playing the demo. Can't wait to see what the full game will be like in the future. Have a good one!

Hey What's up FoxyPanda! I made this gameplay video. To get the word out. I had a great time playing and blasting away at the monsters. Love the graphics. Hope you get everything squared away in Unity. Sucks that GMS 2 changed it functions. Can't wait to see a full release of Virtual Wave in the future. Have a good one!!

Hello RyanGameDev, played Settler's Dawn on my channel. I really enjoyed the graphic and the peacefulness of the experience. I hope you will enjoy the video i made. Can't wait to see what come next in Settler's Dawn. Awesome work!

Hello Daniel Moreno, I recently played RoboBlaster on my channel. Here is the video I did showing off some of the gameplay. I hope you will enjoy the video. I enjoyed playing RoboBlaster very much!

hello Wide Pixel Games I covered Twin Tiger Shark on my channel. I made a quick video for Youtube to show off some gameplay. I do hope you will enjoy. I enjoyed playing it. Hope to see it go live here on Itch or steam.

hello Kemono Games! I played your game today. Very enjoyable experience! I also made a Gameplay video! Hope you will enjoy!

I really enjoyed playing En Garde! Its a very cool third person slash em up! I made a video to share with the world of youtube. I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for creating a really awesome game!

I enjoyed this short but also awesome creation you called I Was Here! So much..that i made a video an posted it to my channel. I hope that you and the rest of the gamers will enjoy the gameplay! Thanks for sharing your art with us!

Hello,Team Horay! I tried out your demo for Dungreed. I really enjoyed playing the demo version that you have. Even though I wasn't that great in the video. I hope you and the rest of the gamers will enjoy the game play.

Hello I was curious about your game so I made a short video on my channel. I definitely think I got the bad ending here! lol! I really like the very surreal visual and the music! Hope you and my fellow gamers will enjoy!

Hello Somnova Studio! I saw your game Arcadia here on I decided to give it a try. I recorded a bit of my experience . Hope you don'y mind. I really enjoyed the dialog. Which has me liking the character so far. Hope you enjoy the gameplay footage! 

I really enjoyed Embuscade. I also made this video.Loved the atmosphere and the eating of trash to survive. Hope to see more from you in the future.  

I thought Moonflight was a very interesting little game you have. I really like the music and the graphic. Great job! Here is a video of me playing a bit of Moonflight on my channel. Hope you will enjoy it!

I thought Fluffy Defenders is a pretty cool game> So I made a little video about it. To show off some  gameplay. Hope you will enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

Awesome Demo.Enjoyed your game's demo so much, I made a video on YouTube! Hope you all will enjoyed! Cause I did!!

Enjoyed playing Cold Hearts.So I made a video on it. Hope you will enjoy! Keep up the great work!

I really enjoyed Buto. Thought the graphic are a great style choice. Like the humor in the dialog. Looking forward to playing the full game.Keep up the awesome work! Enjoy the video! :)

Liked playing the Demo of Flynn Son of Crimson. I liked it so much I made a video. Really liked the graphic and the music very atmospheric. Gameplay is really awesome.Can wait for the full game release. Hope you all enjoy the video!

Really like the vibe and the look of The Last Night after playing it a few times. I made a video of The Last Night Last. Can not wait for this to be a full game. Enjoy the video! :)

You have a awesome idea going with LVL 99 Axe Rage! Its so awesome I made a video of the demo  to show it off. Hope you will enjoy It!

First I want to apologize for the having the wrong game page link in the description. I just changed it to the correct page. It's what I get for trying to multitask. You're welcome. I was looking on Itch  for interesting point and clicks. I'm a sort of a history fan. So when I saw your game I was in. And I had to make a video.

I enjoy your game so I made a  little video!

Enjoyed the short story and I really liked that everything was hand drawn. Very awesome game. great work! Loved playing After School