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That's an absolute shame TonTits, this game was my favourite

More. Head PATS

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Can you please tell me what that song in the ending is called when you fuck the girl boss neemyha?

You need to move the app out of the folder Game for mac

that sucks

It does not work on mac either. Don't download this, I think it might be a virus. There's no signed developer and it defaults to a freaking VLC file.

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Do you need some inspiration? In that case, how about some black market stuff? Sell services like lending out your bot and it comes back a bit damaged or something in a sexy way. Scratches and stuff like you said. Perhaps some grafitti that you can clean by buying something cheap. People love maintaining stuff, that's why tamagotchi blew up. And personality traits might be gained, which might be more difficult to implement but that'd be hella cool.

You have it well balanced, just replace what I said needed to be replaced with something fun (which I understand isnt easy) and keep the pacing the same. I wouldnt feel this way if I enjoyed the money earning with some ecchi stuff.

I was genuinely trying to help this aspiring developer to accomplish something greater than what they had in mind, as I believe was reflected in my thorough comment, but they completely disregarded my feedback. That's evidence of poor critical thinking and that this game wont ever become anything greater than a small game... I respect that they responded without anger but that's only one part of what a good developer needs when it comes to accepting feedback. Setting the bar so low that you're happy with a someone who doesnt get mad isn't beneficial for anyone. 

I've played hundreds of ecchi games in my life and I am a programmer myself so I know what sells. Everything I said would be an increadible boost to their game, despite the humoristic twist I used to be lighthearted in my critisism. 

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PS- The resolution is kinda fuckie. It defaults to 1920 on my 1440x900 monitor and then no of the buttons are clickable (mac).

PPS- If I search for "My Dystopian Robot Girlfriend" on this site your game doesnt even pop up, consider removing "!Ω Factorial Omega:"

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The game overall has great potential and is on the verge of being  a lot of fun with replayability.

The animations and art looks great. The pricing of the items is balanced to the amount of time it takes to get it. However the experience of getting the money is dead boring and I really don't think there's a reason to let that be the case. The slot machines is the way to go if you want to make any decent amount of money quickly since if you just click quickly you will win on average about 50% of the time. But that also means a lot of time completely wasted just clicking one button. Scrap that as well as the jack black game you've implemented and make something that's actually fun. Remember that it doesn't have to be anything super complicated to be fun, just use your creativity. Bonus points if you manage to make it sexy. If for whatever reason you don't feel like doing that, just remove it and increase the money you get from stream sessions by x100. There's literally no motivation for wasting peoples time here.

I'm impressed by the amount of things you're able to do in the game. Good job on that! I would thoroughly enjoy a slapping and spanking option. Perhaps some more facial expressions. Also either hair pulling or petting while in any position.

I felt like she was a bit unresponsive to the kissing as well as the eating out. There were some nice eye-movements and commentary in there, but it needed more of that. Like maybe her moving her arms and generally just being a bit more animated. Petting her was my favourite part of the game.

Question, what does the condition of the bought parts do? It didnt seem to look different (cat ears used/normal), perhaps explain what it affects when buying it.

There's not a ton of work left for this to be a great game, keep up the good work!


Awesome concept for a game, however a lot of things are bothering me.

1# The upgrade tokens + training doesn't do anything.

2# Many times right clicking on things to pick them up wont work.

3# All the scenes that are required with effort brings up the ending screen and says that theres no more content, but theres clearly more content.

4# There's a definite lack of explanation for what you should be doing, I still can't talk to anyone in the home and i don't know if that's because I havent progressed or because its not implemented. That's a severe problem.

5# Sometimes when you click the attack button it instantly loses for no reason.

6# Reaching full satisfaction with the toystore girl didnt do anything despite there being a progress bar.

7# Why did I make her favourite doll in my garage? I thought that was meant to be a cheaper way to progress with her instead of purchasing the good hooker.

8# Waiting in the warehouse indicates that you should go in there and fastforward time, not click on a chair that blends in with the background.


Pretty much everything for me

The mac version doesn't seem to work, many of the characters do not show up in the dialogues.

I thought kids werent allowed on here.

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Awesome :=), I'll gladly await the rework and part 2. 

Can you please post an update log? That would be really helpful to see if there's enough new content to start playing from the beginning again! :=)

For now a comment saying that it's worth it since the last update will suffice. 

That's a most disappointing reply. But thanks for responding.

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Okay so I've played through most of the demo now, I reached the ending and got 3 out of 5 ranks unlocked. There's certainly a bit left to explore but I'll save that for the next releases sometime in the future.

All in all it's a great concept and I think that's what we're all falling in love with. The atmosphere is captivating. The only obvious improvement that could be made in this area is to add more content and making the backgrounds of the land and ocean less repetitive so it doesn't feel like you have to look for what has changed. Of course a lot of it has to do with that the background scenes are not interactable, simply adding a few more things to do, interacting with buildings for example, would make the areas feel more personal and less flat.

The characters look great, although I don't understand why the human female has her back turned to the camera.  With that being said, please, don't fall down the rabbit hole of creating time consuming HD art for everything. Unless you have a budget for comissioning this to other artists I advice you to be very sparesome with the time you put into painting. The ability to interact with the small figures is worth so much more in the end and that's what brings the game experience. I honestly only looked at the HD art when lvling up. Perhaps you should make physical changes to the characters sprites as well?

The overall dialogue was stellar in the beginning of the game, but after you went into the ocean there was no further interaction with your companion which I missed a lot. I think that having a character development between these two characters is absolutely crucial for the success of this game. 

There's too little erotic content. I know, it's a personal preference, but no one is going to hate on seeing a bit of nipple and booty here and there. Custom panties? Now that'd be an upgrade.

Beyond appearance and the feeling of the game, I have a word or two to say about the game mechanics. 

1# It's way too easy. The combo meter is too forgiving, refreshing every time you make a click on anything in the game really. There should be some kind of health punishment for breaking a combo in my opinion, gaining items is not enough of a carrot to do well since that currently only relies on the overall balance of the game, which is nonexistent. You need the gamer to understand what kind of items they can receive from a certain boss and then actually really want that item to be dropped for this to work. Until you've introduced this kind of balance, the combos are pretty much pointless. You know guitar-hero? They made it jarring to lose a combo, that's what I think you need to implement. Along with that just up the difficulty a bit, make the characters strong and have the lvls reflect that. I should have a difficult time defeating the end boss who is lvl 14 when I am lvl 10. 

Also, I was completely unable to read their next spells and observe what was triggering next because there's so much on the screen at all times. You should make the character flash in certain colors to really warn the player that something is about to happen, and not rely on them reading the text of the spell, because they won't have time to do that. I was thinking maybe you could pause the game a bit for a small character animation when they do attacks. Perhaps that'd help.

2# Like other people on here said, the low level characters are slightly annoying. I understand you're going for a bit of a pokemon style for that, and it could work, but without me feeling like "At least I am gaining some coins so i can buy that item I want sooner" you're not making it work.

3# The pacing of the game is nearly nonexistent. I get recipes all the time but I have no reason to craft anything because I keep winning everything without upgrading and there's no quests to craft, and I almost complete the game before I find the final fire shard for the first quest you're introduced to... I have a ton of fun looking items in my inventory but I'm just wondering why am I not able to do anything with them? I'm thinking maybe you just drew the items before finding a purpose for them, but I'm not sure.

I noticed that most of the items simply give you bonuses currently, like the torch giving you 15 health or something. That's boring as fuck. I thought I would be able to swing it around and light up a cavern or something to progress you know? I honestly hope it's just a placeholder with the small benefits. I don't need several low level items that increase my stats because once I gain something better all of those items become obsolete.

I hope you can continue to make improvements and I look forward to the next update. It's a lot of fun for what it currently is, but obviously there's going to be areas to improve this early on.

Will we be able to update our version without restarting from scratch once it releases?

Woooow I could rank up all along...??? LOL thanks

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I have a few questions. What are the purple pillars for? I found one of those blue coconut shells which seem to be inprinted on one but discarding it and placing it on there doesnt do anything nor does using the item do anything.

Also the sand castle thingie, I've found spiral sand but the same story there. I wonder, have I found the wrong items? If not, then how do I use them?

How do I craft things? ( I found an emblem and found out this is how I craft, I didnt know what alchemy was)

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I was clicking desparetely around the middle of the screen moving the blobs around while tons of enemies were attacking me , there was a large empty spot where I was clicking (cleared blobs) that tried to be filled, and all my senses told me that this level of animation might just make it crash (since it's a small game) but as soon as I realized that, it did. I don't know exactly which part was triggering it but I feel like it all added together to become a buggy mess. I run this on windows, fullscreen mode. I might have clicked outside of the screen during all of this since I have dual monitors (you should make the cursor forced inside of the window on fullscreen mode as well) but I am not entirely sure~ Oh and I was playing as Rose

Either way, I love the game you've made. I love clicking around on things and it surprises me how many things you've made clickable and the amount of details you've put in but at the same time I demand even more of just that. The ocean is way too silent for my liking, since you go from such a colorful place on land and then you feel alone and isolated as soon as you step into the ocean. Please add better catchier music for the ocean as well (although keep the theme), it will do a whole lot! I'll continue playing it and probably come along with a full review later on. 

5/5 I'd buy the finished product. 

ps - The image where you toggle the characters invisible and visible is amazing.

Playing against a zombie/mummy




action number 1

of  Step Event1

for object obj_PuzzleCursor:

Unable to find any instance for object index '135746' name '<undefined>'

at gml_Object_obj_PuzzleCursor_Step_1


I got to wave 181 without killing a single one

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What a piece of shit game... It only has one game mechanic and that's clicking the characters, and it's not satisfying. They don't look sexy, they're clothed, there's no nice sound effect when you click them, and they don't even get nude when you beat them. The inventory is fucking broken to the point where I can't pick anything up because it has filled itself up with blank spaces that can't be dropped (WTF?) The end-game boss is easier to beat than the character before it, which isn't very hard either. All you need to do is click on enough characters and whoopdidoo you deal 200dmg per click, which renders the mechanic of clicking the characters in a specific spot useless.

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Okay so it's a smoll game, a loli sized game you could say, but I see some improvements you could make. 

1) I figured you would cap the respawn rate to the enemy-on-screen limit, and doing that while the zombies are slower than you means you can move around in a circle and eventually all the zombies are just in the middle with one zombie spawning every second or so. It makes beating the game increadibly easy. You could argue that doing that will limit the amount of money you get which will prolong the end-goal of buying everything, but at the same time you could easily circumvent this through making enemies that stay on screen for too long power up and get movement speed/strength. 

2) Resetting the money every run isn't fun tbh, why should I get 10k on the last day when it all disappears? At least allow people to make final purchases after the final day and let them know that the game is about to end. 

4/5 (relative to other games on here)

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Lol that Game over got me...


Yeah like holy shit lol

Why the fuck does lvl 3 chains only give you 2 dice when lvl 2 gives you 4??


NOW THIS IS A GAME!!!! Everything I want and need from a silly game on here, kawaii booty being slapped, sound effects, and surprising content that makes me shit my pants.

Cockblocker indeed, wtf is this?! No nudity? You think this is a game?! Oh wait...

No but seriously, the physics are wack, it bounces off completely randomly at times.

not a game

This is not a game, SIRE

I thought the thumbnail was the game at first and was like "wtf" lol