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I really like the succubus, the infirmary girl, and the store keeper, but the rest just felt meh, as if to fill out the world.

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It's somewhat fun, and the assassin/reaper girl is cool, but the other two characters don't feel as thought out. The jiggle animations are janky as fuck as well. Good start though!

I feel like the gameplay would be more fun if the combos felt more important. Currently it's just a bit grindy, so try to mix it up with some gameover mechanics and the feeling of having stakes in the game.

On the first girl I got the vibe that we're in a dungeon/rogue-like, like we're helping the girls recover from battle, and this could be a cool story-line.

Just some first impressions.

This game is so cute, I love it! The manager is really ugly though, total boner killer!

I like the game, but it'd be a lot easier for us if you only made events that are in the game possible to actually trigger. It's so time consuming running around the entire house over and over just to notice you can't talk to people and seeing the not implemented text just to see all events in the game.

it's a dude

what is up with the breathing?

what the fuck

Suggestion: Introduce some erotic and interesting pictures. You can use AI generation for pencil drawn black and white images, just don't trust it to draw the same characters twice and you'll be fine

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Running this game in my browser crashes the page and it says "WebGL context lost, please reload the page" and repeats

This was such a good idea, it's a shame you didn't take this further. :(

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You're a bastard, I've studied how the difficulty increases the more you level up your minions. It doesn't matter which minions you use, there's either a gimmicky trick to defeat them or there's no way to defeat them at all!

EDIT: I didn't know you could increase the number of minions you can spawn. I won it instantly the moment i found that button. :P my wrong

It seems like a good game, but it's a shame that it isn't working. It gets stuck no matter what you do when you interact with her.

This is such a good game! the gameplay is actually fun and the art is so cute. It's rare for me to go for full completion with a game on here <3

I liked where it was going if that's worth anything, sadly it didn't go for long

I tried it a few days ago and it worked, but the game sucks

This is so bare-bones that it's not even worth playing

It doesn't work

Great start to the game, I hope to see more of this. But do you really think that a v0.03 game is worth 6.9 dollars?

Always keep that in the information 

This is so boring

Wow that blowjob update is exactly what we want, it's literally the best position now. Dirty behaviour from the bot and interaction is key. I love how she decides to go against the command to not let you cum, it really took me off guard.

Amazing art style and atmosphere, I really dig the weird dystopian city in the desert thingie you got going on here.

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You really shouldn't force the player to go to a certain place to talk to someone, this is fine if it happens like once or twice, but if it happens as much as it does in this game then just freaking move the player to the location they need to be. It doesn't add anything to the game when you click on the wrong doors all the time and just move around. Also I need to click the skip button all the time just to close the dialogue box which probably is a bug. These two things make the game absolutely unplayable 

Is that sexy girls voice in the game though? 

it has no tits

AMAZING ART!!! boring fighting...

Why the fuck is this so expensive? lol

Right out of the gate, amazing gameplay. Loved it. Needs some power ups and possibly a store where you can upgrade your gear with pros and cons (Like tripple hook but random shot).

Nice art, but needs some interaction

lmao wtf "No hot females" or something? lol

I liked a total of 20 frames of this 

I liked everything but the gameplay and images. Otherwise it's something you should continue working on, I love arcade games and hentai.

How about a female character option?

I dont understand the point of expressing fetishes in games with text... Make it visual?

I love BJ simulators with great attention to detail. Increasing choking when in deep would be nice. Obviously the art needs to improve like 1000 times but good concept.