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This is so boring

Wow that blowjob update is exactly what we want, it's literally the best position now. Dirty behaviour from the bot and interaction is key. I love how she decides to go against the command to not let you cum, it really took me off guard.

Amazing art style and atmosphere, I really dig the weird dystopian city in the desert thingie you got going on here.

Felove community · Created a new topic this is epic
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this is good

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You really shouldn't force the player to go to a certain place to talk to someone, this is fine if it happens like once or twice, but if it happens as much as it does in this game then just freaking move the player to the location they need to be. It doesn't add anything to the game when you click on the wrong doors all the time and just move around. Also I need to click the skip button all the time just to close the dialogue box which probably is a bug. These two things make the game absolutely unplayable 

That's a lot of fun, I wish there were more scenes with her and that the card draw would be quicker.

Is that sexy girls voice in the game though? 

it has no tits

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Are you considering making art to show the character wearing the items?

I hope there will be more sexy monsters :3

AMAZING ART!!! boring fighting...

Why the fuck is this so expensive? lol

Right out of the gate, amazing gameplay. Loved it. Needs some power ups and possibly a store where you can upgrade your gear with pros and cons (Like tripple hook but random shot).

Nice art, but needs some interaction

Amazing art, horrible gameplay

lmao wtf "No hot females" or something? lol

I liked a total of 20 frames of this 

I liked everything but the gameplay and images. Otherwise it's something you should continue working on, I love arcade games and hentai.

How about a female character option?

I dont understand the point of expressing fetishes in games with text... Make it visual?

I love BJ simulators with great attention to detail. Increasing choking when in deep would be nice. Obviously the art needs to improve like 1000 times but good concept.

Im not enjoying this, its gay

1# Why am I clipping inside of a head while walking? Remove the body while you're in camera mode and it should both speed up the game and remove weird bugs like that. 

2# Why does the S key not walk backwards, but forwards, as well as the W key?

3# Why is there a big black box in front of the sex scene with the purple bunny? That's the only reason I ran around in an empty build for 10 minutes

I agree, 3D is an absolute mood killer, that dick is horrifying too. I love point and click puzzle games though, especially ones that dont show you exactly what you need to click

Damn you must have put a lot of work into this... but seriously why are all the dads looking like they sleep on the street?

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A lot of the items in the images aren't in the actual game right? Because I'm wearing the best stuff possible (as far as I know) and nothing is dropping from the insect area before i die. I got 50k lol

This doesnt quite look like bowsette

lmao really? If you type in an age below 18 it hard crashes?

Deleting save data did the trick for some weird reason 

Well earlier I could go to the black ball for dice. Now all I get is "Him: I threw the dice in the leftovers." and without me clicking anything she immediately "I can't take it anymore! GAME OVER"

If I go to the statue instead I can click on something before it says again "I can't take it anymore! GAME OVER".

If I go to the gate then it says I have no dice. If I just stand around nothing happens. 

I have no clue how other people are able to play this 

this is shit

I'm having a really difficult time understanding why I'm running around killing slimes and getting an empty room with all my gold

YO MOMA broke my game

It's a shame that the clothes on the character doesn't change when you get new items. I'm currently stuck on the 3rd world at round 140+ and nothing new happens after I killed the final boss (which was very anticlimatic). I suppose there's no more content?

The game is broken currently, there is no way to progress and get dice without a game-over screen. Looking forward to the fix :)

I know the battle (I don't draw hentai but I draw a lot of characters). It'll take a year or two for you probably to get your speed up. It doesn't really come with practice from my experience but with artistic maturity (time). Don't be afraid to do lower resolution images, like 8-bit style if it helps. That can be really hot as well if animated. As a side-note, I love the side scroller aspect of the game in the tavern as well in between duels. It creates a more welcoming feeling than previous games of yours which is very nice. The gameplay of course can be improved upon a lot but that's not the main importance right now.

I love the sprites

I feel lonely when her voice leaves

I see who you're trying to copy... Sure it's an interesting concept but this shit doesn't work with a voice like that lol

The last update with the clothes shop and the interactions with the store clerk really ties the experience together. Honestly you guys have made something uniquely polished here on, and I finally feel completely satisfied with the outcome of the game in comparison to the potential it had when I first browsed it many months ago (if not years). If you want to go even further, then continue in the direction you're going in now. Character growth is what it's all about (mainly the other characters, not the player).

Nyx gaming: "You're in a losing position"

PTSD flashbacks No...! Noobs! TEAM!! NOOBS!! *starts shaking*

Nyx gaming: "You're turning it around"