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I wanna give this jam my all, so I need great people to work with me. I am primarily a programmer, but more than capable of 2d art. I'd like to work with some 3d artists for this jam. The more the merrier. Also looking for a composer and other programmers. Team comp is not set in stone, so anyone with any skill is welcome. 

Discord: AvatarMars #8823

If you're still interested, I'd like to work with you for week 216.

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Hmu if you wanna team up. I'm an experienced unity dev and artist. Much better at 2d than 3d but able to do both. Discord: AvatarMars #8823



Interesting game, but the difficulty spike on the last level was too much for me.

Hmu on here or discord: AvatarMars#8823

Neat entry, sweet and simple. Had some trouble figuring out the controls at first but once i got the hang of it it was fun. nice job.

This is so creative, and such a good application of the theme. Props to you.

Very polished. Really cool character design. Very impressed you made this solo. Well done!

Seems polished for the time allotted, but I couldn't make it past the dark section with the stairs. Tried for 15 minutes but just kept getting sent back to where I was. Good Job.

Hit me up if you wanna work together.

Hey, sorry we already found someone, but thanks anyway!

If there are any programmers out there who still want to team up,  we're a 2d artist and a sound designer who are ready to go.

I love the sound of your music, too bad I don't speak portuguese, i'd love to work with you. Good luck with your entry, i'll be looking forward to it.