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whenever i try and load my save this happens? I hope I can get this resolved and get back in, i've been playing for weeks and was finally unlocking bounties and end game content.

Other additional content ideas:
- bestiary
so we can see the stats of the different enemies we encounter (and see how to strategize against them)
- compendium of upgrades
so we can see what our options are as we encounter them and think of synergies we might wanna try

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Could do "basic" upgrades to affect stats
+5% accuracy 0/5
+5% hp 0/5
+5% attk spd 0/5
+5 armor 0/5
+0.5 bullet spd 0/5

so they'd cap out @ 25% which is a decent starting point
more expensive ideas'd be like. 

+3% chance to get gold attribute cards on lvl 0/5 (caps @ 15%)
+1% chance to double card bonus for the level (caps @ 5%)
+1 banish 0/3 (so we can banish a card we dont have to see again if it doesnt fit our builds)

somethng like that. that way you dont have to make a dozen "skill trees" for each upgrade path, you just change the chances we get something better on lvl up.

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I am REALLY enjoying the game, some runs are kinda just a bust when my luck is bad, but! the good runs are so good it's worth having the occasional bad egg.
I like the graphics and the gameplay too!

Is there any Meta Progression planned? 
having some sort of currency (embers perhaps?) to a skill tree or power up shop that will affect every run?

still really enjoying the game!

Not sure if it's been suggested yet or not, but a queue would be great! just like, upon restart do these set actions, rinse, repeat

I really, genuinely like this game a lot! 

It IS really hard tho, I feel like I need to just idle for a few days and pop a bunch of capsules before I can get past Cycle 20 in any mode other than Standard. 

idk maybe im just bad, but the game's interesting! I want to unlock better towers!

this is really fun! 

I wish there was an option to turn off the cutscenes, they were fun the first few times...but i just want to minesweep and eat stuff

okay...whats the deal with the portals around level 10 or 12?

It turns your snake red, but like. why. what do they do? why do i sometimes die instantly when i enter them. How are you supposed to beat those levels??

I consistently get to the first portal level and then die 7 times in a row and I guess that's just it. 

Is there a trick or secret?

Ninja Armor is a little buggy with everything tbh. I've had it negate its own dodge as well as other buffs. 

The Tooth Necklace specifically gives me trouble where neither item's buff will activate

Fluffy Cotton bugged.

it just disables your wands. there's no benefit. Does not add to manastones. Oopsies

About the Mysterious Trader update...

the description (sometimes) says "a different item of the same rarity"

THIS DOES NOT WORK ON RELICS. If you end up having to get a relic that doesnt work on your build, it wont give you another shot at one that will. 

Instead you get a legendary item, which can still be a better deal than a useless relic...but then the relic goes back in the pool and you could get it later.

I'm soooooooo tired of clicking. But its a delight to hit every enemy on the field for 500+ damage. Maybe a toggle option to just "use all" for the magic accessories?

Just one tap and it adds 33damage to everything

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New Speedy Leaf is OP. its a consumable and has the tag "when combat ends this item is destroyed"
plop it between a Seasoning and Spice and heal completely for free and then deal 400 damage from PURE RAGE

only works for one combat but still......stronk

Does anyone know...does "Luck" stack? 

If i have 5 'Lucky Rings' in my inventory do i get 5x better loot? 

Does killing every enemy w/ the 'Lucky Dagger' guarantee you a legendary drop?

Lots of armor. 

Tower Shield + armor sets or just a Haste Set should do

I'm having a little trouble on floor one. Does anyone know what I could do to beef up my build? uwu

So sometimes my digger is moving too fast to break boxes? Like, i plow right through them, they SHOULD have broken, but instead i just zoom through. 

Any way to get around that apart from just selling off my drills?

ohhh, I'm using a track-pad. lmao. thats probably why it wasnt responding very well

im not sure how to use the items i find? like the pipe bomb or pocket rocket. They dont do anything if I click on them...

It seems like "Vulnerable" applied by Lightning Attack Spells does the OPPOSITE effect. 

I hit a guy with lightning bolt, suddenly none of my attacks deal any damage until the vulnerable wears off. 

The Dune reference!~! 

There wasnt a lot of blinking but i was able to beat one eventually. 

It's a good game, but i just find it kind of frustrating. I think I would probably do better with a mouse instead of a touch pad. Part of the problem is that if i'm moving I can't change what direction i'm swinging. 

Is there any way to deal with the turnips who steal your money???

I'm too slow to out run them, my scythe wont target them or it does nothing when it passes through them, and they steal 65+ money every time they hit me??

I cannot progress in this game without running into them and I can't get enough money to buy upgrades to out run them because they keep stealing all my money. 

Am I missing something? No one else in the comments mentioned them...