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Ah, perfect, thank you!

Thank you so much for allowing us to use these, they're perfect!



Absolutely agree, having the objects named will make working with the pack a lot easier

Oh yes, I love the new shadow colour!

Oh, that animation looks really cool!

Cute idea! If you colour them differently too that could be so fun 😊

Same! I'm stoked LumeZu has taken the challenge on

Oh yay, so many outdoor sprites now! Everything is green and gorgeous, love it! I am sure you have a lot planned and I'm wondering, will you try to incorporate seasons into all your outdoor tiles?

These are looking great! I'd love to use them, but I'm not quite sure how. All tiles in my game are 48x48... would I have to shrink every item 5.3 times to get it to the right size?

Love it, it looks so peaceful!

The mushrooms are super cute. Excited for the continuation, and hope you have a wonderful break. And especially that your arm recovers!!

That looks great, gives the whole world extra variety!

Ohhh, camp grounds! That sounds exciting, looking forward to it!

Oh, those are so cute!! Great work ❤️ I would say some mages would be good too, but these sure already look magical. Also kudos for the diversity and lack of overly sexy characters haha 

Very nice, more green ❤️. You're doing amazing, I hope you get time to recover as well! Constantly producing new assets must be quite the challenge, I'm very impressed 👏👏👏

Awesome addition, I just want to build a neighbourhood with your tiles and go exploring

Awesome news 👏👏👏

I'm bought your interior tiles for a project, and if at some point there will be exterior nature tiles to match the interior style I'll be so jazzed 💜

I love your set soo much, and the updates are always cute! I hope you'll have time to do more nature-y tiles for a park or forest, with grass, bushes, trees and bodies of water ♥️