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Well, are there, perchance, any future projects like these you have in mind?

So, is it always half that can go on or?

Best of luck in dealing with it

As much as I wanted to like this one, it just isn't quite as good as The Testimony. I really appreciate your work mind you, and I still think that this is a fun experience.

Tabby just isn't really as fun of a protagonist as someone like Trixie is, which might be part of it, and for some reason the art doesn't have that certain feel I can't quite pin down.

That's not to say it's bad, I enjoyed it. 

Really too bad about the ending hm...but I wonder how the update is gonna change that

The enemies eel a bit finnicky and much the same with some of the platforming but it#s overall kinda neat and cute

What endings even are there for this? 

It doesn't really work it seems

After sprinting it ended up stopping me from being able to click on anything or leaving

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Great game, very cute, very entertaining, neat characters

It would be great if you could get more ways to fuck up an order or get more accurate or immediate (one of them only probably) feedback on how bad or well you did? 
In any case, thanks for this neat game

I have a few questions too: Can I get a few more hints on unlocking some of the other Day 2 endings? I got the one where you become a coworker and the one where you quit but I can't seem to be able to unlock any others. (Well, I also got the sleep one but unsure how much of an ending that counts as) 
Is there any way to get more than 1 star? Anything of note in the Endless mode? 

How did you all get the other endings? 

Alright so, what exactly is wrong with John? Do the conversation options do anything? What is that green thing on her left hand? Are they related in some way given the "why you" bit? I'm curious

What the hell did I just play

I must say, I'm quite excited for the continued devlopment of this game. Characters with varying sizes, interesting personalities, etc. I see a lot of potential and can't wait for more

Cowtastic Cafe community · Created a new topic Amazing

I didn't expect too much of this game when I went into this, but I must say that this is by far one of the most charming games I've seen in a long time. The voicework, art, mannerisms...while the gameplay might be a tad repetitive, it is truly charm that carries this game. While nothing serious, something had me feeling down today...and this game was basically exactly what I needed.

Thank you.

CaN't wait for the final release

Well, glad to hear! I know my response is.......really late and I don't know how I haven't been notified before. I also do appreciate the attention to details in the animations.

Seems a little easy overall to be honest. That and I think the black enemies seem to be easier than the green ones, since you don't really get nearly as impatient with them, as weird as that seems.

I didn't expect this to be this good to be honest. Pretty good work. May I ask how the end "stats" of the prince compare to yours? Instead of health. Is the attack speed increasing or did it just seem like that to me? I am highly curious.

In fact, I enjoyed it enough that my mind has gone off kind of wandering. An expanded version of the prince to deal with threats, beating out bad habits, etc. I doubt it will happen but I just wanted to mention it out of praise. 

The swordplay and little touches such as how the prince basically abridged the by the book technique or even apparently more than one voice clip per command were great to behold. I have ended up with some issues playing it by the end but that is probably on my laptop.

Well, if you ever feel like picking this idea up again, I suppose shoot me a message? I'd love to see what you could make out of this concept.

I'd recommend using a different kind for the bad ending next time, I couldn't help but laugh. It was a neat game though.

You're doing really great with this. Keep up the good work.

Naturally, I'm a sucker for stuff with emergent...complexity? So to speak? Different from a lot of other procedual stuff which feels bland, this here it has something to it. Charm, a lot of charm.

Neat little game...but boy I didn't expect that last case.

Neat little game. Feels like it could be really fun as a product made with less time pressure and a larger scale.

I would also like to note that when resetting a game via the symbol at the bottom right, stuff is often unlocked out of order.

Well, not like it takes TOO long to get there. I'm glad to have such quick responses and fixes, that's a big plus.

........okay, funny thing happened...................time ran over into 0 from having too many days left.

Nevermind, it was still saved somehow, works now!

Thanks, I#ll see if it works now! And uh...I did forget to save like an idiot. So I guess time to start over.

I am having a bit of an issue, for some reason the Start button on Timehenge is blocked out.

Can't wait, keep on the good work <3

Rather Charming and nails the whole old edutainment game aesthetic. Would love to see more of this kinda stuff to be honest.

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Nice game. I'd recommend using different eating and hit sounds though. Good art and all, hitboxes seem a tiny bit too big though? Would also recommend a small period of mercy invincibility after a hit.

So, hey there, I'm quite intrigued by this game, but I am having some trouble with these secrets, mind giving me a hint or two?

Pretty neat

Pretty good, really, I agree.

Aaaah, I get it now,  well I have high hopes for the future version, keep up the work!

So...uh...what are the endings?