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Naturally, I'm a sucker for stuff with emergent...complexity? So to speak? Different from a lot of other procedual stuff which feels bland, this here it has something to it. Charm, a lot of charm.

Neat little game...but boy I didn't expect that last case.

Neat little game. Feels like it could be really fun as a product made with less time pressure and a larger scale.

I would also like to note that when resetting a game via the symbol at the bottom right, stuff is often unlocked out of order.

Well, not like it takes TOO long to get there. I'm glad to have such quick responses and fixes, that's a big plus.

........okay, funny thing happened...................time ran over into 0 from having too many days left.

Nevermind, it was still saved somehow, works now!

Thanks, I#ll see if it works now! And uh...I did forget to save like an idiot. So I guess time to start over.

I am having a bit of an issue, for some reason the Start button on Timehenge is blocked out.

Can't wait, keep on the good work <3

Rather Charming and nails the whole old edutainment game aesthetic. Would love to see more of this kinda stuff to be honest.

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Nice game. I'd recommend using different eating and hit sounds though. Good art and all, hitboxes seem a tiny bit too big though? Would also recommend a small period of mercy invincibility after a hit.

So, hey there, I'm quite intrigued by this game, but I am having some trouble with these secrets, mind giving me a hint or two?

Pretty neat

Pretty good, really, I agree.

Aaaah, I get it now,  well I have high hopes for the future version, keep up the work!

So...uh...what are the endings?

I wonder, why does this have the LGBT tag? Nothing against the game, really, just wondering.

Pretty neat. I wonder though, how many endings are there?

Take all the itme you need, best of wishes.

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So uh, this is more about the Episode 1 game, but where can I find the oral bunny? And I can't seem to find the one or two keys left (dunno if the metal door is another)...or how to get to the mushroom. Any hints?
By the way, nice work, I can really feel the passion.

Edit: Nevermind the mushroom actually.
Edit 2: Actually nevermind literally all of that, I feel so stupid now.
Edit 3: How do I transfer saves from Episode 1 to 2?

Ah, alright.  Just been struggling to...well, figure out the hint. 

 Can't wait for more, pretty neat.

Alright so...for the secret ending, any hints you could give?

Yeah, this indeed didn't age well. But mostly here to agree with others, boy, your wife in this game is...not friendly.

To make sure, is it just that the game doesn't go any further at current since it's in devlopment or is there anything I'm missing after the CPU?

I assume there is just one ending, yes? It does have a good bit potential.

I love it, short and sweet, not too long and not too short. Great work, full star rating.

Was sorta funny I guess? Fell a bit flat though in delivery.

Which would that be? And uh, one of the bugs is that when you use the third option when the woman comes running back because of the medicine, she just keeps walking forward...and walking forward if you keep picking it agian.

Well, I reached Worthy of Living. The game overall...well, it seemed alright, kinda buggy at points. The concept is neat though.

The idea is rather nice and the writing on the distorted thoughts is great...I just think that it is a tad too easy to avoid the distorted thoughts except for when they would be entirely right. Not much of a fan of the art outside of the "shadow selves" or however to call it...cognitive distortions? Those I must say were done pretty damn well. It could benefit from a little more length and a little more difficult a time avoiding the bad thoughts.

Amazing game. I do just wonder, does the Hidden Event thing in the credits that's mentioned mean that there is any alternate ways or anything? Either way, I just wanna say, great game, neat puzzles, engaging story.

I was unsure wether to rate 3 or 4...but I decided on 4 instead. It is a game with an interesting concept although it does have its flaws. Problematic dialogue box ticking while driving, no pause function and the such. It is kind of bothersome to try and start it up again after having played through it to see more of the game.

However, in the end this game is still rather good.

Shoehorned in Trump, only 2 moves, humor that pretty much dies the moment you leave the lab. I have had higher expectations for a concept so ripe with potential for humor.

Do reply me if you fix it, might revise my review based on the new state then.

Sorry, should have been more specific. Basically, the block spawning thing is stuck in the upper left corner and doesn't allow you to place them anywhere else.

Could be interesting but ruined by restart bug.

Amazing. A grade A shitpost.