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Just a question. This game hasn't been updated in a long time and i was just wondering if like your just moving aside the project for awhile because of work or for some other reason? I don't mind what you say, its just that this game seems "Abandoned"

Also the game still great!


I was just about to say the same question (Sorry for bugging you alot lately)

In the next update (Or maybe the one after the next update) could you add customizable game rules such as Frag limit, Flag caputer limit, The respawn time of each weapon,  The respawn time for the players and so on.

Ok, Thanks for the reply!

So it been way more than a month of the new update realase. You know what's like going wrong or been delayed?

So, do you know when the next update coming out and what it might have? Im really "Hyped" for the next update!

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In the next update could you like add a option to change what button can you use to change from third person mode and first person mode? Because im finding it very annoying to use the sniper having to click the right button 2 times to scope. Thx!

Thats alright

Hi just a person using a mac laptop. Could you make this game available for mac? I understand if you can't.