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Thanks to all the comments & players!! Really appreciate it!

Well made, I like this game's core idea! I think I would add more strategic fun to this game. For example, if players can see what's coming next, then they'd be able to plan out their next movement to be better like Tetris. Also if ingredients were limited (per day maybe) it would require more strategy and players can feel good looking at the huge invoices piled up after a busy day. 

Enjoyed feeding these eternally hungry customers, keep going! (Susan must've gone crazy because of those naggy customers, poor Susan D:)

u mean multiplayer right? yea, that was actually my initial intention but 48 hours were too short of a timeframe to set up an actual multiplayer feature so I shoved in those AIs. I guess turning it into .io games will work too. Thanks for playing!

Can I play this on windows?

I want to survive through wave 8 but it's so hard! Your game probs got me spend the most amount of time out of all the game jam submissions.

It gets progressively difficult, but boy, this is so addicting! At one point I got so stuck I just kept trying to hold down W+D keys and I was able to shoot Jack across the map LOL

Anyways, that was a fun lil game!

A great concept that matches the jam's theme! This reminds me of Rubik's cube. I wish I could have more turns though, and eventually have all the colors match somehow and complete the level! Well done, especially considering this is your first game jam too.

This is a very well-polished game for a 48-hour jam! I enjoyed playing it, even though my keyboard was missing the arrow keys (instead I held down the Fn key and used WASD). I like that each level has different themes and color palettes.

Can I ask how you came up with the level design? Did you get the props (grass etc.) to generate automatically? 

Thanks phantompauer! Your comment got me more excited to develop a mobile version!

Thanks Koby! What a detailed feedback, it helps me realize exactly where to work on! I greatly appreciate it!

My highscore was 16!

At first I wasn't sure what made my score go up, but it didn't take too long for me to understand the mechanism and I could easily find myself engaged in the flow! Great job!

Thank you DigitOwlGames! I'm glad you liked the game. It appears to be difficult for many people actually, so you're not alone!

Thanks JemiDove! Yes, Ctrl/C is meant to move the dot faster!  It BOOM! explodes and gets out of your control (meaning you can't move it with A and D anymore), and explosion kinda feels freeing to me, but i've now realized that it may be not the case to some people! Perhaps it was less freeing than i thought since it exposes you to a bigger risk... that makes me think a lot!! Thank you so much for the good feedback :D

Thank you Zachary! That makes me think that perhaps it would have been better if the mechanics were a bit more freeing for players!

Thank you Byronico! I'm glad that you really liked it! :D 

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Tysm!! <3

This game is so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! legit so so good man ur genius

Awesome game!

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Cute art, and perfectly fitting sound/music. Very nice and polished gameplay! Well done! Wouldve liked to receive feedback when I don't have enough money (even just a sound or screen turning slightly red).

Hello! I have never heard of Sidequest, but I'll have a look into it. Thanks!

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>> Playing in full-screen mode may result in the edge of the game screen being cut off.

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