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HOLY SHIT MY FAV IS BACK WITH ANOTHER BANGER. brian i didn't think i'd be playing a new game from you in the year of our lord 2024 but HERE I AM AND I'M THRILLED. gonna dive in now omg omg omg

how do you enter the passwords at the end? can you enter those into the game?

i am totally up for making a guide, as i'm already extremely interested in finding/exploring all of the endings just out of personal curiosity! I could probably do it with several "layers" of spoiler warnings, so people could find the endings they're looking for with the desired level of detail. Or something--now that I type it all out, that sounds complicated and I tend to overestimate my hyperfixations lmao. 

I have too many habits built in, like putting a space after a period (which doesn't work out great when it's at the end of a line lmao)

KJ Bible speedrun when

plenty of people study religion without necessarily being religious, like for their job and stuff

ok...... i may or may not be thinking about writing this bible fanfic (im not a religious fanatic i swear i just like thinking of physics and existentialism and what if jesus was gay) and i may or may not be needing to probably do some hardcore religion studies stuff for it and this may or may not be legit a good way to do that lmao

wait lol why is this addicting

kinda want to write fanfiction for it now, just like.. more storylines & lil interesting character moments for all of them. they were all super complex people and i think the world & lore u made was very cool as well

ksdjkdsdsk i have now finished the game and realized that lol, it was still super fun!! i liked getting numa and kyungsoon together though haha. it was a really great game, i loved the ending and everything. i kept expecting it to get less good but it didn't, it kept being really good and possibly even getting better at some points :) thanks for the hard work again

this is super cool!! i'm not done playing it yet but i appreciate the mix of male/female/enby love interests and there's a really cool plot and world to explore outside of just, like, a dating sim, so that's awesome. thanks, can't wait to finish it :)

lmao holy shit i spent like 4 hours playing this on accident and did the 3 main endings, now absolutely JAMMING out to the menu song haha. i rly enjoyed this ad for final fantasy XIV, now with a free trial for up to lvl 60 lol

crying and shaking im so excited to play this ending

this is adorable and addicting. i love it

"i want to love, and to be loved. I want to feel better and be better." :')) thank you for this

hahahahahaaaa, i lived my silly little life, i worked at the silly little bookstore, i won the silly little art contest, and then i went back to zen's route and realized i coudl do CRIMES?? omg replaying this asap

10/10, made a pierre

ohhhh, that makes sense! thanks for clarifying :)

Yeah, I chose the Tilaari route, and Nerissa did not have blue skin for me either, which was a little confusing. It might just be a genetics thing, or something they will change in the final release, idk.

yesss lol, it's so fun to think about. like they're all dealing with such SAD backstories and i just want everyone to be happy and find love :(((

yea if you click on the arrow in the upper left corner there's a little menu

omg i鈥檓 from Oregon!! i completely understand, and i hope you stay safe & are doing ok! idk if it鈥檚 just you developing this game, but if so— DAMN that鈥檚 impressive. And if not, DAMN that鈥檚 impressive!! it鈥檚 been a fantastic experience so far, and you have all my love and encouragement :) <333

absolutely true. it was really nice for me being referred to with gender neutral pronouns throughout my whole "life", and there was also a line from a family member about "not being a girl" that was really great. 10/10 all around

you said it for me lol. i definetely got super nostalgic about being a kid, but it honestly helped me with it, and i really learned/remembered a lot of stuff that i think i needed to . important game in lots of ways :)

wow i'm so excited to play this. I think i'll get it as a birthday present to myself in a few weeks! love you guys so much, thank you for this incredible story :)

i was so happy when cove said he was demisexual i nearly cried. I'm also aspec, and he's one of the first characters i've seen that are canonically ace. I love it and him so much. Especially exploring that aspect in a visual novel, "dating" type game, is such a great subversion of the trope. Also, as a grayromantic person playing it myself, it put me super at ease, as opposed to a really aggressive protagonist that is harder to relate to/engage with.  

oh yeah, also would love to see more of goldie! i'd like to learn more about her character. was she a fabled one? how did she and red meet?

Honestly a pretty cool story, fun gameplay, and solid writing/voice acting. Bugs are the only thing that get in the way of this game--there's weird lag in the dialogue advances,  some duplicated character sprite glitches (which doesn't interfere with the game much, purely aesthetic), and the card part is maybe underexplained (no error messages when you fail to recruit a card, no error messages when you can't link a card). I wish it was cleaned up and ironed out a little, because i think it has a lot of potential at being a genuinely enjoyable game. Right now, though, it's a little frustrating to play.

the way i actively tried to make a straight burger and still failed

wow. I really love this. ended the world, got a 10/21--what else do you look for in a game

lemme just say the "IM GAY. IM GAY. IM GAY" scene was extremely relatable.

what did you use to make this?

really liked this, very cool early morning vibes

i love this. wish it had some audio tho :) but other than that, perfect!

ok i loved this--please more :'))

hahaha when you're a burned Gryffindor Primary and Secondary, and your Secondary is modeling Slytherin. the amount of trauma I am impressed