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Keine Sorge, mit Treadmill geht es weiter. Ich warte nun auch schon seit Ewigkeiten auf die Motion Tracker. Letzte wage Info ist, dass sie Anfang nächsten Jahres kommen sollen.

Sorry, i mixed it all up with my other app. Didn't realize that this is the XR Browser section... ;)
The big question is, do all these devices have the same standard? I'm sure Peloton has the budget to integrate support for a lot of different brands.

And if there are SDK's available, then i would need them for Unity (C#). And each device itself of course...

Hi, i'm currently eagerly waiting for the release of the motion trackers. I hope they finally start to sell them soon. I already have some code ready since months. From there Pico's internal fitness app will take care of fitness statistics.

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Hi, the main point of the app is the passthrough feature, so i will keep the project alive as long i can. Ironing out the quirks as good as possible. I'm also eagerly waiting for a certain webengine core update that will hopefully boost performance. However, projects like Wolvic are extremely well funded and i will have no chance against this in a long term perspective. At a certain point a game engine VR browser will make no sense anymore against a native app VR browser.

Thanks. I will try to find a solution for this. But i can't guarantee anything and it will take some time because it will need a serious overhaul of how everything works at the moment.

Hi, please give me the link to this webpage so i can have a look into this.

Just re-enabled cookies in 0.1.9 ... I disabled them for tracking down an issue, but this is solved now anyway. Thank you for reporting!

Hey, please check the latest version. A system for bookmarks just got implemented. ;)

Since 0.1.2 widewine DRM is supported. Works with Amazon Prime Video for instance. Sadly Netflix has additional protections systems, which they seem to share with the big player browser companies only...
You can test this with

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Merci, thank you! Bookmarks are on the list.

Nice, thanks.

Thanks! Just one hint, the button in the left upper corner, that seems to do nothing... This is for the case you were standing in VR (well XR), but changed to a seated position later. It re-adjusts the height of the browser windows to your relative head position.

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Just watched your video. You might need to test it out more, you really missed a lot. Here is a video by someone else (older version and in german only):

The button (upper left corner) is for re-adjusting to the height of your headset only. The button right from that is for free positioning. For YouTube and Vimeo videos, full screen becomes available when the browser parsed the links. A button appears in the right upper corner, but full screen will only work with videos that allow embedding (this is a restriction that comes from YT and Vimeo and how they cope with this browser engine).
Besides that, sadly the way you streamed the presentation, didn't show the pass-through feature. I guess that's because of the privacy settings.

Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much. I fear Thai keyboard is impossible for now, i'm really sorry.

Mouse support would make it quite difficult. Can't even say anything about how the Pico manages a connected mouse as device. And the whole scene is a 3D world with world space objects and XR inputs...
Let me think about how to implement bookmarks. It's on the list, but not with high priority atm.
However, check the latest update 0.1.4 ;)