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Quick question, will the customizing / editing features be available on mobile or just desktop versions?  If not available on android I will be sad but will totally understand.

custom panties HYPE!

Shhhh no shut up you'll kill my immersion


Fair point, but maybe in portrait mode the lower menu is always on, and there's a quick-change implement menu at the top.  You know, letterbox portrait mode.

In case you're not busy enough :)

Also, what about Portrait Mode?

Still looking forward to liquids / oils.

Always interested in more panties and stockings options, or recolors of existing ones.

Maybe for a "spring 2020 / Social Distancing" update, add some panties with Hello Kitty a legally distinct cartoon character in a facemask printed on the butt.  Also as a joke there could be a "use hand sanitizer" button that just makes a pump noise.

Have you ever considered a Multispanker Mode where you have two butts side by side to play with at the same time?  Would have to add a menu option to pick skin/panty/stocking options for butt number two, but I think it sounds really fun!

Great game!

We need spooky panties!

Happy Halloween!

I'm hoping to see a varied lineup of skirts when they become a feature.  Not just the standard Schoolgirl, Cheerleader, and Maid, but also some business attire and maybe even a couple club-style minis.

Any thoughts on adding stockings with garter belts?  Since they're typically worn under panties you wouldn't have to deform anything.

As far as toys go, I still really want to see liquids and oils added.  I'd also like to see a ruler implement that makes a mark with a little more shape than the current paddle or hand.  A long enough ruler could smack both cheeks at once!

Spankable thighs!  I didn't know I was into that until this update.  Great addition!

Any thoughts on adding tattoos as an unlockable?

It would be cool to explore new and more varied minigames, especially given the relatively limited control design.  An easy one would be a "Simon" style follow-the-leader minigame where the player mimics a series of slaps that gets longer and more elaborate each iteration.

Also looking forward to more panties and stockings designs in the future, and especially skirts!

How about a "shuffle" button that randomizes skin, panties, stocking, and size?  Once the current ass is sufficiently smacked the next ass comes to visit.

Noticed a minor visual issue in the Valentine's update (Android version), related to the "bend" feature.  Certain 2d sprites don't change position when bend is changed, most notably the zipper on the black leather shorts, but also the bells on the Xmas panties.

Screenshot attached.  

wow!  This made it into the Valentine's update just a week after I suggested it!  Amazing work!  Thank you!

Also great update!

Thanks for the reply!  Good question.

This won't surprise anybody, but sometimes people can get a little weird about their kinks.  The current fade speed causes a couple of frustrations for me.  I feel I have little time to admire any progress, and I find it impossible to get cheeks to "match".  Once the desired glow is achieved on one cheek, switching to the other causes the first to fade back almost instantly it seems.

With some implements (like the hand) the marks fade so fast that to get any sense of progress I have to repeatedly smack one cheek with unnatural ferocity, which feels bad. It's not the girls' fault they recover so quickly.

I'm not against new toys, but that doesn't solve the problem for me.  Tying the fade speed to implement implies each implement as an escalation of the last, and I'm not sure I want to see anything heavier than the paddle.  I already avoid spanking the zombie girl because her marks look too much like bruises, which I discovered was a turn off for me.

So I suggest a Fade time option, with current fade speed being "fast" and a medium (2x) and slow (5x).

Or you could add an "aftercare" mode where marks fade extremely slowly unless massaged or rubbed (maybe add a "lotion" toy), and would introduce a new play cycle of spanking > rubbing > spanking etc...

Once again, great game, and thanks for asking!

I would love to see a slider to control the speed at which redness fades.  This would allow players more time to admire their handiwork.

Great game!  Thanks!