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That's never come up in my games because leveling is always done during downtime when players have access to fabrication between missions to reconfigure their mechs. I would suggest if you end up with a situation where they don't have access to printers but may find parts and upgrades some other way (which it suggests is rare but can happen on page 43), I'd probably let the players apply apply their bonuses by "reconfiguring" the existing frame just to let those bonuses keep up with other upgrades.

Ack, I too am only seeing this now and while I wish I could have played WitchWay 2, I wouldn't have wanted you to work on it to your own detriment. I'm glad you've got other things you're excited for, and I look forward to seeing them in the future!

I was able to apply it to one of my mech's weapons in Comp/Con by unlocking the license, going to my mech loadout, and clicking the label that said "NO MOD INSTALLED" on my weapon. However, I had to remove another system from "Systems" for it to show up - if you have no SP free, it will hide the mod unless you hit the "show systems exceeding SP" toggle (the one with the lightning bolt).

Hope that helps!

Just read through this and it's one of the most exciting versions of Firebrands I've read to date. I love the way it encourages the kind of dramatic, emotional, and dreamlike tone of Utena while focusing the mechanical side into the Duels (and having the rest of the games revolve around those duels). Just reading this game made me want to rewatch Utena (and then find a group to play it with, of course).

Apocalypse World and Dream Askew/Dream Apart both have chapters on hacking them in their text, and over the years there's been many articles and podcasts about hacking PbtA, what principles to keep in mind and what core loops to establish, etc. Is there any similar literature for Firebrands hacks? Any of the existing games that the author has talked about the process for?

These are very good and just reading the one for the Doomed made me emotional about my current, Doomed, character. Highly recommended by this trans gal.

This is exciting, I enjoyed WitchWay and I'd love to see it expanded on!