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Opened the hatch and it's just a black screen

Got the gun. Still tells me to get the gun. Think it's bugged. (I'm using Chrome x64)

Is it possible to add Sound Effects?

Fullscreen is bugged. I go into fullscreen and instead of making it bigger, it just puts the game in the corner and makes the rest of the screen black. Please fix.

Which version is the web based game? (Original or Tweaked?)

When we gonna get to see boobies?

PS: Is there supposed by any SFX? (cause I can't hear any)

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Sequel name: Untitled GBC game

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It's a tad buggy. I have 2 item overlaying each other, and as a result I can't use rock anymore

EDIT: happened again, but this time it's sand

EDIT 2: Now it's egg

Please add a description

Hope we get more of this. I would pay for it, if that's what it takes

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I didn't try it yet, because I usually try to avoid games until they're at least in pre-beta, but I guess I'm try it and tell you

EDIT: Finished it

Any plans for a VR version?

Just curious: What's ETA for the beta?

I didn't see it before. XD

I can't leave the 2nd bedroom, please fix.

Why do you have so many separate versions of this?


Wish there was a fullscreen option

How do I know when I have "won"?

How do I know when I have won?

I don't get it

Wish I could see boobies

Mayor? Is that you?

The link is wrong