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Unique approach to puzzles with gravity! Some great stuff in there. Played originally at Vector con. 

Thanks for commenting about the issue! We've actually had to submit a ticket to itch, and apparently they're working on the issue. Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon!

Hey thanks! It's been a ton of fun to work on, although exhausting haha. 
Congratulations on Bombfest winning the GDEX award by the way, can't wait to give it another try. 

Thanks a ton for playing and visiting the itch page! GDEX was a blast to attend.

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Thanks for playing! I actually don't have a computer with Linux on it at the moment, so I didn't want to put up a build without having tested it. We'll make a build for linux soon! 

Don't really know how to leave a comment in reply to another. But thanks a ton for you feedback! I agree with the colors. I need to start learning what colors go well together. Holding the button currently speeds up the balls on screen, as a way to fast forward. We tried to teach this in the level "Hold To Go Fast", but as I learned fairly quickly with this game, it's really difficult to make sure players understand a concept before moving on. A valuable thing to learn! I'll check out your game and see if I have some feedback for you.

Having the same problem. Anybody know the solution?